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06-25-2008, 06:20 AM
I tried the suggestion on this site and made a macro -- "L2MOVE NOOBS!".

It seemed to help a little -- the last two attempts were 2% and 4% respectively.

People died either by running poorly and he caught them, or they took 3 volcanic geyser hits. I suppose I could add a few more !!!s and 111s to my macro, but I had a mechanic issues I thought I'd ask.

It didn't seem that he would turn around and one-shot anyone that he changed directions to. He would do his knockback and then start after you, knocking you to his "sweet spot" inside his charge range and outside his melee.

Is this how it was working or was I on teh crack? We were trying to avoid being so close fearing getting one-shotted. In some respects it seems better to err on the side of being close.

Additionally -- his charge only hits one person, right?

Granted none of this really matters because people were dying in fire like freaking idiots. Our 2% and 4% is lying on the ground under a volcano.

06-25-2008, 06:31 AM
I never went far away from him, i was just hitting him in the kiting phase, omgwtfrenddmg! and when he did target me he would just knock me away and I could easily kite him.
as for people failing at getting out of the volcano's.. well.. just l2p, I never took 3 tick, mostly just 1 and 2 at weird times where it was a tad laggy. it so simple to even get none as the volcano first pops out of the ground and by the time it started spewing fireballz I was already gone..
So mye if they fail at running just tell em to get some pvp reflexes >_>

06-25-2008, 06:35 AM
I cant confirm his charge ability thingy, but like you we found the volcanoes to be pretty deadly. We've only got to him once (downed him after a couple of attempts) but we asked the priests (as they seem very tunnel-vision when healing) to put on some stamina gear to up their hp a bit. Those volcanoes do hurt the squishies, and even with the best will in the world high latency, slow computer or low graphics detail can all add to deaths (when they only have 7k hp buffed) before you start adding in slow human reactions!

As a tank I followed him around, out of melee range, partly to stay sort of close to him for the transitions.

Hope someone else can give you some definitive responses which I look forward to reading :)

07-16-2008, 02:50 PM
This works for us so take from it whatever you may.

For the "tank and spank" phase I instruct the healers to only worry about healing the tanks. DPS can bandage if they are foolish enough to get hit by the fire or some left over volcano from before. We don't spread out too much for this phase. We do call out 5 secs till "chase" phase so melee can get away and ranged disperses out further. Use MD's on every transition to stationary phase.

For the "Chase" phase I have the tanks try and stay with him all the time. If I see him poop out a volcano or stream of fire I call it out on Vent so the other tanks chasing him are aware of it as well. His foot his huge so it covers them up at times. Volcanoes take a little getting used to. Once you figure out their range, you can safely navigate your way in between them.
I also call who he is chasing based on ToT. If he happens to chase a tank, stand there and tank him for that bit. Healers are instructed to heal FFA for this phase. For added DPS, keep him dotted. Ranged folks not being chased should be hammering him from a safe spot on either side of him. Regroup for "tank & spank" phase.

Druids should use travelform & Shamans use ghost-wolf if they have to get away. Tanks may want to use Boar's speed enchanted boots for this fight. Make your slow to move casters think about getting the enchant as well. You do eventually want even the cloth people shooting for 10k health. It helps tremendously in surviving rest of BT. Also I will intervene if he picks on someone near by as the transition to "chase" phase happens and they were not out far enough. I have yet to see him charge anyone. He does like punting people every now and then.

07-19-2008, 05:23 PM
Every time I have been targeted he punts me ample distance to get away. I dunno, Supremus is really like a litmus test. If you can't react to volcanoes there isn't really anyone can do to help. You need to simply improve your play and overall raid awareness. We've had embarrassing enrage timer kills because so many people cook in volcanoes.

For phase 2, instruct all non-tanks to get out several seconds before said phase is about to start. Get far away from him just to be safe but don't run to a wall. What helps is to clear all of his trash so you have a huge area to run. The trash is easier than Karazhan trash and in a fight like this with a long enrage, you wanna play safe. Also, sometimes the tanks will grab him on top of a volcano. Tell the melee to be careful of this as well.