View Full Version : Good enough to tank t5 content(Druid)??

06-20-2008, 11:20 AM
My guild is currently at 5/6 SSC and 2/4 TK. I've been going to as many raids as possible but not gettin too many drops due to low DKP(damn school!). We normally run with 2 warrior tanks and 1 pally tank and very rarely take a feral druid. As one of the better geared feral druids in the guild im starting to get itchy fingers about tanking in t5 content (dps/healed the 7 runs i have been too).

I was wondering if my gear is good enough too run these instances.
MY BE.IMBA link: Be Imba! - the online Character Auditor for World of Warcraft (http://be.imba.hu/?zone=EU&realm=Khadgar&character=Gromral) ( i know it shows a progreesion bar but i have found that bar to be rather unreliable at times)

2 things to note: only just got t4 helm and didnt have enuf money to stick a 18stam 5% stun resist gem in there and when s2 comes to honour i will get the shoulders(been very unlucky with t4 shoulder drops :( )

06-23-2008, 02:40 PM
I would say: yep. Though, it seems like you are missing some enchants? The T4 shoulders would be a nice upgrade for you since the 4 piece T4 bonus is not too shabby for a bear.

Our guild has 3 "main" tanks. The really main tank is a warrior and has been the MT for the guild for as long as I have been a member. Our new raid leader was a former holy paladin that got tired of whack-a-mole and specced prot about oh, 8-10 months ago. Both are very well geared for our level of progression (5/6 2/4). I started off as a resto druid but switched to feral to get my LW maxed, and then we needed more tanks, so I stuck with it.

Anyway, we are a pretty casual guild that focuses on having fun. We try and share the tanking duties so we all get a shot at MTing. In SSC, I am the NR tank (ugh, I know, but it works hehe), the warrior is FrR, and the pally is mixed. The warrior MTs lurker. Pally MTs leo, and I take tidewalker. And of course we all get to share A'Lar, FLK, and voidreaver.

To give you an idea of your gear, mine is very similar only:

1. I have t4 shoulders
2. BG belt
3. Boots of natural power
4. Pocket watch as 2nd trinket
5. New badge chest.
6. New badge ring.
7. SSC staff.

That is what I tank tiderwalker in, and he hits pretty hard (constantly killed our warrior in his EH set...once he geared all out avoidance he tanked him though).