View Full Version : Is it me or my partner?

06-19-2008, 10:12 AM
2v2 druid/ms war

cant figure out why we suck...last week we were close to 1700 then when 1-9. Part of it was playing during the day ive found we play much harder opponents.

I usually try to just pound on their healer...and last week we lost...their heals tended to have more mana then ours. I try to interupt/hamstring both opponents as much as possible. I think i just try do put as much dps on the healer. Or if its duel dps team i play defensivly and just try not to die.

I do notice my partner tends to just run around healing himself usually in caster form.

But how can i learn 1. what we are doing wrong 2. what to do to improve.

06-19-2008, 10:19 AM
Uhh, as a warrior you need to help your druid out a lot, intervene him when he's in trouble, disarm people beating on him, keep tclap up when viable, demo shout, hamstring his pursuers, etc.

Your druid should be pillar humping like nuts so ranged dps can't get on him. Melee dps, if they catch him, he should go into bear form after hotting himself up and you up, and just walk away from them, if they are slowing him, he can shift in and out of bear to break the slow pop nature's grasp rank 1 to trap them, and then after walking a short distance out of melee range, go into travel form, and take off around pillars.

Your mana should outlast other healers, what he needs to do is DRINK. A LOT.
Even if it means just 1-2 ticks of drinking before the dps gets back on him, that's 1-2 ticks that you have.

Uhh, one of the things that works a lot against single dps/healer teams is that you beat on their dps for a while. and your druid, cc's their healer (cyclone until diminishing returns are up). Then you call out the switch, and he then starts cc'ing the dps you just beat down, while you get on the healer for a few. Basically what you do is you prevent the dps from getting any heals because either the healer is cycloned, or he's cycloned. And you apply pressure to their healer so he can't drink. Once DR runs out again on the dps, just switch back, what'll happen hopefully is your DR will have come up on the healer, and he can chain cyclone again while you finish off the dps who has gotten no heals this whole time.

06-19-2008, 10:19 AM
Oh and:
WoW Forums -> 2v2 Druid/Warrior Arena Matchups Guide (http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=3466356886&sid=1&pageNo=1)

read it, learn it, love it.

It's really good. but of course make changes as you guys see fit.