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06-18-2008, 11:32 AM
Our Feral Druid wanted to parse his threat on Teron so I DPS'd last night. I am posting this to show that we can out DPS true DPS'd spec classes when we gear right and have the right group. As you can see I out DPS'd 4 people who had a near 100% presence even though they are Ele, or Destro, or Shadow, or whatever.

Wow Web Stats (http://wowwebstats.com/zo6rdlnvynekw?s=7271-7454)

Group composition was:
Feral Druid
BM Hunter
Surv Hunter (Had Imp Hunter's Mark for melee.)
Resto Shammy (Was dropping Strength totem, but not Windfury.)
Prot Rawrior (Druid wanted me for shouts.)

This is using Rising Tide with Exe in MH and Swiftsteel Bludgeon with Mongoose in OH. My exact buffed stats were 2928 AP, 148 hit, 42.55% crit. The consumables I was using were 40 AP food, 35 agi/20 crit rating elixir, Sharpening stone for MH and Weightstone for OH. All in all there were only two things wrong with this attempt; firstly I had my PvP helm on (Which has 24 AP and run speed meta.) and secondly I did not have Windfury.