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06-17-2008, 02:23 AM

I was wondering if itīs possibly to farm the Trashmobs in Sunwell Plateau for random drops/recipes.
Can someone comment on the overall difficulty of the first trashpacks in Sunwell Plateau.
What I have in mind is picking up 25 t5+ equipped pugs, use something like 12 Healers if necessary and spent 1 h a day farming, hoping for an engineering recipe.

Oh and btw, does anyone know if Hard-Khorium goggles can drop, before encountering a Boss :)

06-17-2008, 05:08 AM
25 t5 geared people could kill the first three bosses in Hyjal and 3-4 in BT. The quality of drops in sunwell are better, but keep in mind that you are farming trash and you will find that you have spent 1-2 hours killing trash mobs for (probably) almost zero drops and zero progression.

06-17-2008, 07:53 AM
Basically, the first robot is the toughest part of farming trash, he can wipe a raid pretty quick as the damage it does is immense.

Then all the packs past that are CCable and fairly straightforward, scouts can be a bit of a bother but not at all hard with some well focused DPS; also you can just reset the packs after first robot over and over and over and keep killing them until you get bored of it, it's very easy (and I imagine also very tedious but hey, whatever strikes your fancy :p)

06-17-2008, 10:37 AM
Im the MT for my guild that is on Anatheron in Hyjal for progression and decided to try the sunwell trash. First you need at least 6 well geared healers, preferably a shammy or two and CoH priests. I also would bring 6 mages geared at least with some experience in SSC/TK. Two or three tanks and two hunters. The rest can be your best dps but do not bring any dps that has trouble focus firing and has a tendancy to break sheep or it becomes bothersome. We regularly run with only 23 ppl (less ppl to roll against and not needed) and have dropped down to 4-5 mages if none are on but then the misdirects become needed. We pushed as far in as we could but the repair bill and difficulty become prohibitive so we go in kill the protector which is easy if you have the big guy md'd to your best geared warrior tank(pop a shield wall if needed) have ALL ranged and heals on top of each other just in range to dps and heal tank and dps, and have dps on his butt... He will go down easy. then have all your mages just off the steps in the first room and have the dragonhawk md'd to your tank while the hunter is running back heal him and then when the mobs from the first group hit the stairs sheep them all and KEEP them sheeped until the dragonhawk and little imps are dealt with. Now at your leisure pick off one at a time. You may now keep one sheeped run out wait 20 secs for the sheep to break and do that pull over and over till u are bored or you can keep it sheeped and move into the room they came from and do the same thing to the next group which i suggest for two reasons. If u keep one sheeped then do the next grp and keep one sheeped there then run out both grps respawn and you can get many more chances at drops each attempt. Second, the second group has the arch mages(a pain to tank just pop it and burn em down) which drop the good stuff. In our first night farming trash which can be boring and isnt progression, we had the off hand for our enhancement shammy drop, two sunmotes, many epic jems, the advanced smelting plans for hardened khorium, the thrown weapon, and something else. I would think any guild who can do this that doesnt should rethink what is important to them and if u are in a guild that doesnt attempt to do this I would start app'ing to one that does. ;p Yes, you could have crappy luck but it can be done anytime and I usually do it when we finish a raid or if one doesnt get off because of lack of ppl online. Deo/andorhal

06-17-2008, 10:39 AM
Deo pretty much confirmed that I will never farm sunwell trash lol

06-17-2008, 10:42 AM
Sorry I am still trying to climb out from under the wall of text :p

06-17-2008, 12:30 PM
My guild runs sunwell trash every friday. We are just barely getting into SSC and we have an easy time with trash farming, mages do not even need to be kara geared for this.

only need one tank for the green robot, gear for EH on this. 6 mages or 5 mages and a druid for the trash farming portion and a good OT for picking up imp adds.

1st pull, this is the hard part. He throws a chain lighting like spell (fire damage actually) that hits a flat number of targets. We found it best to clump all ranged in front of the tree for this pull. Have a healer call out for the raid to use their HS, etc. He doesn't hit really hard, it is all about keeping the raid up with group heals.

2nd pull, far side of where you come in. CC everything except for what the tank picks up. CCers need to be reminded to just spam sheep/hibernate until their target it picked up. The farming portion is not DPS intensive, but very CC intensive. NOTE: this and the next pack we do as sheep pulls.

3rd pull. This is the one you farm, on the right side of the courtyard...the pack with the dusk priest. CC as normal, have your most skilled mage on the dusk priest since that is the mob that will not be killed. Once everything else is dead, loot and exit instance. Since the dusk priest lived, the whole pack of mobs will respawn.

Our average loots over the past 2 months have been 3 epic gems, 1 sunmote, 1 epic item/pattern. Some days were light, others were rich (7gems, 2motes, 2 epic gloves and quad-deathblow goggles pattern).

06-18-2008, 12:34 AM
You can do it with three mages, even two. The big part is that all mobs are CCable (afaik).
You would want to CC the warlocks (Cabalists) as they spam summon imps that does aoe damage and/or the shadow priests (Dusk priest) as they are the biggest damage output of the packs.
Slayers (hunter type), can be tanked with a hunter as their ranged damage is not big.
Vindicators (mortal strike+cleave), can be rooted. They have very good melee damage.
Mages do frost nova and arcane explosions (can tear your raid in seconds). If you have good shamans or CoH priests should not be a big deal.
Tank the holy priests (Dawn priest?) away from the raid and try to interrupt their holy nova.

06-19-2008, 06:51 AM
We took our guild there without mages...we got through the first pulls but didn't wanna keep butting our heads against the pulls that have a Scout + a pull. Just too much crap.

06-19-2008, 10:55 AM
The Scout pulls are pretty much a DPS check, that's why people who farm trashs usually just chainfarm the first 2 pulls.

06-23-2008, 03:53 AM
I'd say they are more a coordination check (if you are referring to the actual DPS'ing the Scout part).

06-23-2008, 04:23 AM
Not sure if that would help...
But we used a tailloring trap (not sure about the english name) and a distract on the scout to reach the range of our distance's dps and then countdown starting at 8. So mages will start casting a pyro at 6 and so on...
We went there once and killed everything on the way to kalecgos. Got 3 sunmotes, 14epic gems 1mining recipe and the Hunt's 2 handed weapon.

06-23-2008, 05:18 AM
Uh, do the nets work on scouts?

06-23-2008, 05:41 AM
Uh, do the nets work on scouts?

yup I'm sure about that part because we had a couple (cough) unsuccessfull tries on the first pack with the scout and had to come up with an idea to involve every distance's dps at the same time...
the good thing is you can have everybody firing at the same time and the mage just one spelling and then focusing on ccing.

06-23-2008, 07:13 AM
i been doing this on my server for a week now. with people on greens 4 healers 2 tanks and 6 mages.

you dont have to kill the big robot just dont get near him.

first assing CC targets to the 6 mages. they will poly the group from the right.

get a warlock to send his imp to attack the group that will make them run to the mages they get poly if you want a MD to the MT the dragonhawk and you are golden.

so far 15 epic gems 1 sunmote in 1 hour. (a friend took my strat with his t6 guild)

i pug sunwell trash farming i just require 7 mages and some gear healers.

so far gotten shitton of epic gems. study of advance smelting. pattern sunfire handwraps and 2 sunmotes. also blades of live inevitality.

then you leave one of the mobs polymorphed run out of the instance and the pack resets do it again and collect phat l33ts.

06-25-2008, 02:02 AM
i do the same as annerajb

with 10-15 people you can easily farm the first group ever and ever.

1-2 tanks
4-6 mages
0-1 druids
1 hunter or warlock for pull
2-4 healer one should can dispell magic effects

important rule:
dont use aoe spells near a sheep/sleep.

the frist group consider

1 Sunblade Dragonhawk - 140.000 hp - Flame Breath
2 Sunblade Cabalist - 190.000 hp - imps; ignite mana; shadow bolt
1 Sunblade Dawn Priest - 190.000 hp - holy form; holy nova (2500 aoe); heal (renew - purge, dispell, spellsteal, arcane shot)
1 Sunblade Dusk Priest - 190.000 hp - fear; mindflay random; swp (dispell)
1 Sunblade Slayer - 240.000 hp - Slaying Shot (random); Scatter shot
1 Sunblade Vindicator - 240.000 hp - ms (can be disarmed); cleave

you can sheep all targets. the dragonhawk can be sleeped. furthermore you can fear all targets (if sheep break or mage die).

if you have a t6 tank you can tank 2-3 mobs with 2 mt healers. (I prefer Sunblade Slayer, Sunblade Dawn Priest and Dragonhawk)

my killing priorites:
1. Sunblade Slayer - Slaying shot must be outhealed by a group healer
2. Sunblade Dragonhawk - now the druid can only concentrate on heal
3. Sunbalde Dawn Priest - ranged dd and healer should stay away from him, beacuse holy nova has a wide range, spellsteal renew is the easiest method
4. Sunblade Dusk Priest - dispell swp and heal people who get mindflay
5. Sunblade Cabalist - dispell ignite mana, 1-2 dd should kill the imps

Most times i dont kill the Vindicator

after you killed 6 mobs of the first group, kill all imps and then go out of the instance to reset the first group. Most time during the pull the cabalist spawn imps which didnt aggro, kill them before you reset the group.

you can also kill the first pat (sunblade protector) if you have a t6 tank 4-5 healers and ~10dd. Maybe someone will die, but you have 2 hours time until the pat will respawn. It makes the pull easier and you have more room for fear if something unexpected happened.

Sunblade protector - 550.000 hp - Fel Ligthning hits 8 targets long range -
Nature Damage (not sure ???) 4163-4837

06-25-2008, 07:12 AM
Fel lightning is fire damage. FR totem/FR aura has worked for us.

06-25-2008, 08:08 AM
People on Llane (my server) PUG this trash. I think they stack mages and AoE healers (CoH Priests and resto shaman). These guys are mostly from T5 / Early T6 guilds, I think. Free roll on all loot. People have been able to collect enough sunmotes from winning rolls and buying them off the winners to craft the gloves or rings. One of the guys from my guild went with them once and got the trash gloves that he hadn't yet gotten from raiding with us (trash farming doesn't save you if you aren't already saved).

It seems they mostly do this after normal raiding hours or on weekend afternoons when people are available.

The trash isn't really that hard with the right group composition but does require coordination. Mages (polymorph) trivialize the big pulls and aoe healing makes the protectors (robots) much easier.

In the first couple weeks of Sunwell, my guild would farm the trash there also. For example, if we were doing BT that night, we would go to Sunwell first and clear out all the trash before Kalecgos, then use our necks to get to BT. With some practice we cleared out all the trash in 33 minutes.