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06-16-2008, 08:48 PM
I'm in a casual raiding guild, focused mainly on 10 man content. Doing some ZA (3/6...tho we downed jan'alai once sorta recently.)

Looking at doing some arena 2x2 with a friend of mine who's got a rogue that he wants to do some arena with as well.

Main goal is to supplement my dps gear. Primary goal is vengeful gladiator's plate helm. Secondary goal would be to get brutal gladiator's plate legguards if i happen to get the rating for it.

Not gonna be hell bent on getting an upper echelon team rating. At the same time...i'm not gonna just roll over and play dead...heh.

I'm leaning towards the 0/20/41 build: Linky (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=LZVV0VxZrEzoI0zfxkt)
to go along with the following gearset: Linky (http://wowdigger.com/character/view/45319#o7) (~900 SBV).

The following is my current DPS set: Linky (http://wowdigger.com/character/view/45319#o5)

So it seems my DPS spec alternative could be going fury (which i dont think is good for arenas?) or go MS and use gorehowl.

My problem is i'm not sure what way to go for our 2x2 team based on how my gear set up is. As i've not gotten too much into the pvp scene....looking for some advice with spec as well as gear suggestions.

Not inclined to regem/enchant existing gear as unfortunately i would need to keep the gear as is for PvE. It may be possible to grab some duplicate raid/instance drop items if they are loot rot / DE items.

I have cloak of arathi kings banked for stam if it was suggested i go with a dps spec. I also have sunstrider warboots banked. possibly could throw in resilience gems in it? (again if it was suggested to go dps spec).

06-17-2008, 03:28 AM
The quickest way to start making points is doing arena, w/e spec you're. MS would be better than any other alternative but if you can't afford respec'ing every week, i'd suggest going with prot and having fun. You won't be as successful as you would if you were MS, but you'll save money and have fun.

Rogue/Warrior combos depend on the fact that you kill the healer (or someone) fast enough that you can leave the other one in 50% hp before anyone of you guys die. Coordinate between cc's (Sap > Blind > Fear) and you should be doing fine. Though if you run into some S3 geared comp in the lower 1400 (it happens i've seen it!), you pretty much will have the disadvantage since you won't be using too much resilience gear.

If you can, do some bg's and some arena and get pvp gear when S4 starts. You'll have access to the best starting gear in the game so far =D

06-17-2008, 04:15 AM
(...)Though if you run into some S3 geared comp in the lower 1400 (it happens i've seen it!), you pretty much will have the disadvantage since you won't be using too much resilience gear.

I wanted to try some "real" PvP with Arms spec and everyhing... starting gear: ~200 res, 20%crit 1200AP = weak!
but what happend was very sad...
I did 10 games today with a gildmate starting at 1500 rating. (2vs2)
we lost 8 times, every single game was against a S2-3 toon helping a lesser geared. we won 2 games, one of them against a AFK team that didn`t even move once :D

Only one game was against a team with poor gear like we had. That game was fun and we could score but it was very close.
I wouldn´t mind losing against a team that plays better. But losing against S3 gladiators is no fun at all..

very very disappointing first Arena experience for me :(

06-17-2008, 09:08 AM
Blame the way the new arena personal rating groups matches.

06-19-2008, 07:45 AM
MS is really the only way to go for arena.

If you has a good healer(druid) you could build a decent outlast team as prot w/ prot gear. It would be difficult to beat teams with healers but you would pretty much guarantee a victory over double DPS.

I have toyed with the idea of doing the prot devastate spam thing in arena with PvP gear on but I haven't got around to it. I think it might actually be somewhat viable in 5v5 and maybe 3v3 with a certain makeup.

06-19-2008, 05:41 PM
thanks for the advices so far.

did 5 rounds on my war without respecing....using my sbv set and akilzon's talon blade that had the executioner enchant on it.

managed 3 victories. one was a freebie. one was against a rogue/feral dru group. and another was against a resto druid/ms war. the latter victory went down to the wire. being prot along with some luck helped..lol

honestly i'm leaning towards the fury/prot spec mainly because i think my dps gear is too weak for MS (too much +hit, too little crit) and i'd be too squishy with no resilience. i'm not sure how expectant ppl are when they see a war in pvp using a shield. i know i cant rely off shield slam crit damage against better teams...but against more casual ones....would they really be expecting say 1k noncrit damage from shield slams ? how does a 1k shield slam compare to a decent non crit MS hit?

given i have one more week of freebie arenas (since team ratings reset next week)...may see how i do as MS this week. if i feel i do ok...may stay with it.

as a side note: going against a lock / pally combo is teh sux =P

06-25-2008, 02:17 AM
I'm a prot warrior for a very active raiding guild. Currently hitting MH. All good fun. :) But I've also started running Arena. Win or lose 10 matches a week and get around 240 pts. When the team rating hits 1300 or below. Bin the team and make a new one.
Last night I setup a new team with a ret pally. We managed to win 3 out of the 10. So rating is around 1400 still.
So keep plugging at it. Prot Warriors can do Arena and with a bit of luck you can win some matches. :)

06-25-2008, 10:48 AM
1k shield slam isn't too bad, the biggest problem is rage generation, to use that every cooldown, plus devestates and the spamstring. The stealthing rogue is going to help you get focused on first, but if they're smart enough to switch, you're going to need a hotkey to switch between dual wield and shield to build rage.

I'd roll into arena with more of your dps gear, I found relying on shield slam too difficult to allow every slot to be devoted to SBV, since I was often ignored and had to use dual wield. Go with your dps axe all the time, for more powerful devestates, use the pvp ring all the time instead of a SBV one. Maybe switch up some other spots for higher str, lower SBV. Your SSO neck procs quite a bit when spamming devestate.

2s w/o a healer means you have to take down a single target fast so you can do 2v1 on the other. 5 sunders and hamstring, then switch to shield slam would be the best way to do that I thinks.

07-16-2008, 07:26 PM
I tinkered with the fury/prot spec in BGs. it was fun at times (mainly when i see SS crits), but mostly frustrating (rage starved).

That said, been doing my arenas now as MS spec. Question:

merciless gladiator's decapitator = ~10 dps upgrade over gorehowl....not factoring the orc racial benefit of expertise.

merciless gladiator's bonegrinder = about the same dps as gorehowl, with the added bonus of being mace spec.

Which do i choose being that my arena partner is a subtlety spec rogue? More specifically, is the mace stun proc good for 2's and presents a higher value than the added dps of axe spec + orc racial?

Dps eval was done with maxdps.com. I know it prollly isnt 100% accurate...but i figure it's good enough to give me a good ballpark estimate.

07-16-2008, 08:03 PM
the bone grinder is also 10dps upgrade over gorehowl, the decap and bonegrinder both have the same dps, just the axe spec gives you 5% crit and you get 5 expertise for being orc. The maces chance to stun makes up for all of these, go maces and don't look back.

07-18-2008, 12:24 PM
I go into skirmishes as prot sometimes for kicks when I have a few minutes to kill.

My gear is usually a mix of my Arms PVP gear, and my SBV pve gear. I have my SSO shield with +18sbv, my T4 helm with the 10% SBV meta, my 2.3 badge legs, my autoblocker, and the rest is PvP gear. I put on my highest-DPS, slowest weapon (the axe from Heroic MgT +Executioner), and go to town.

In 2's, luckily enough it's hard to be fully rage starved. If you don't have a healer, you're going to be hit by AEs/Dots by Warriors, Warlocks, Shadow Priests, Mages, Shaman Totems, Rogues who use blade flurry, Hunter Multi-shot, druids with insect swarm, etc.

Rage isn't quite as big of a deal if you have 3/3 ImpSunder and Focused Rage. Hamstring is cheaper with pvp gloves, sunder is only 9 rage, etc. It's not as hard as it sounds.

To prot pvp in 2s, you'll need to keep an eye on casters and use your spell reflect liberally. With a rogue, you could probably do reasonably well because you can keep their spellcasters locked out for a long time (spell reflect anything cast on you: charge, shield bash, intercept, shield bash, concussion blow, shield bash, intercept, shield bash, fear, shield bash). This, coupled with a rogue who saps the second person, then blinds, and your rogue has plenty of time to take out the healer.

Against two casters, keep your spell reflect up as much as possible, interrupt as much as possible, and sunder as you can. Use concussion blow liberally.

You certainly won't be able to keep this up at higher ratings, but if your rogue is well enough geared you should be able to at least keep a non-pitiful rating.

Oh, and if you have an autoblocker (you should, it's huge), make a macro that will allow you to use it right before you shield slam.