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06-13-2008, 01:04 PM

Some of my guildies ran a bit of ZA last night and the tank had some questions concerning the wws report. Specifically it shows that he had 30% avoidance. See Thiorn - WWS (http://wowwebstats.com/d5xrozsqmxrvg?a=14&s=1911-2309) scoll down to "damage in" and click on the "physical" link. But based on his armory Thiorn - Armory (http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Garona&n=Thiorn) I would think his avoidance should have been higher. Can anyone explain the difference in numbers?

I have another question. His last few crushes seemed to have been caused by a pet being parried by the boss. I thought pets always attacked from behind. Is there an explanation for these parries?

Thanks in advance.

06-13-2008, 01:49 PM
The last crushing blow appears to be the result of not having shield block up. Here are the shield blocks before and after the last crushing blow.

20:37'05.180 Thiorn gains Shield Block
20:37'15.063 Akil'zon's Swing hits Thiorn for 3993 Physical damage (crushing)
20:37'18.049 Thiorn gains Shield Block

There is almost a 10 second gap between his last shield block and the crushing blow. Shield block would have been available to be refreshed by 20:37'10.180.

06-13-2008, 01:57 PM
Same issue for the 2nd to last crushing blow.

20:35'22.371 Thiorn gains Shield Block
20:35'46.135 Akil'zon's Swing hits Thiorn for 4171 Physical damage (crushing)
20:35'46.459 Thiorn gains Shield Block

Almost a 24 second gap. Consider adding shield block into a devastate and/or shield slam macro so you prioritize it and make sure you activate it whenever available. For example,

#showtooltip Shield Slam
/cast shield block
/cast [modifier:shift] Revenge; Shield Slam
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

If shield block is on CD, then it will activate it. If shield block isn't up, then it will shield slam. I swap a devastate and shield slam macros with shield block into my bar if I'm facing a boss that crushes. If it doesn't crush, then I just manually activate shield block as needed with my normal hotkey.

06-13-2008, 02:11 PM
Yes. Most of his crushes were do to not having shield block up. He knows that and asked me to go over his WWS. He was definetly having a bad night. I will let him know about the macro. TY.

How about the pet being parried? I still don't get it. And what about the avoidance?