View Full Version : [A-PVE-US] SSC/TK guild LF prot war

06-12-2008, 01:39 PM
[A - PVE - US - GARONA - central US time]
Council of the Dedicated is 2/2 Gruul, 1/1 Mag, 4/6 ZA, 2/6 SSC.

We are looking for a protection warrior and more healers. We are a casual raiding guild with a 33% raiding requirement. We run 25 man raids on wednesday, friday and saturday around 7-11 pm central us time. Raiders are chosen by class balance and signup times. Loot is distributed by DKP.

We are a group of fun folks who like to raid. We cater to people with jobs/family/careers who want to progress in the game as much as real life allows. We have a very active website and many in-game activities besides 25 man raids, like pvp, heroics, dailies and 10 mans.

If you are a protection warrior or a healer and this sounds like the guild for you, please check our our website at http://www.thecotd.com . You can also get in touch with me in game or here.

Thank you,