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06-10-2008, 10:20 AM
This Thursday will mark the first actual Sunwell raid for my guild, and we will begin attempting Kalecgos. We've had BT and Hyjal on farm for a little while, though we didn't kill either Archimonde nor Illidan until after 2.4. We are at the point, however, where alot of people have the gear they need, and I believe we're capable of killing Kalecgos.

To that effect, I'd like to ask about some of the strategies for Kalecgos that I've read about. From what I've gathered by reading the strategy on wowwiki, and by watching a couple of videos, you simply are having groups rotate in and out of the demon realm and the real realm, dps'ing both the demon and the dragon at the same time, decursing people rather quickly, and making sure the rotation stays in place so that people do not die to arcane debuffs.

That all seems easy enough. Will take some practice, of course, but my big question is this. I've read some people use only 2 tanks to do this with, whereas the common number seems to be 3. How does it work with only 2 tanks? Does one of them NEED to be a paladin, or do they need to wear any arcane resist?

And for the 3 tank rotation strategy, if I understand correctly, it starts off with a tank holding the dragon in place, and then a 2nd tank jumps in the first portal, and the third tank kind've just hangs out in the real world for awhile. After the 2nd tank is teleported back to the real world, he taunts the dragon, and the first tank enters the demon realm, while the third tank continues to just hang out. Finally, the first tank comes back out of demon realm, and the third tank enters it.

Am I understanding that correctly, or not? Are the debuffs going to stack too high on the third tank with that idea, or is it not a problem?

06-10-2008, 03:23 PM
We are using the 3. tank rotation and it goes like this :
Start fight - Tank nr. 3 takes the dragon
First portal - Tank nr 1 take the portal -> Taunts the demon
Third Portal - Tank nr 2 takes the portal -> Taunts the demon
Tank nr 1 gets ported back and taunts the dragon.
Tank nr 3 takes first portal available and taunts demon.
Tank nr 2 gets ported back and taunts the dragon.
Tank nr 1 takes first portal avaialable and taunts demon.

And so on.

06-10-2008, 05:31 PM
The main problem with 2 tanks isn't the stacking arcane debuff really; the biggest issue (or so I've found) is that human Kalecgos takes extra damage since he'll be left without a tank on demon side every time the tanks switch, for up to 15-20 secs depending on how lucky you are with portals... It's certainly doable, but depending on how good your DPS is, you might run into failed raids due to human Kalec dying.

06-10-2008, 07:01 PM
The 2 tanks tactic is doable only if you have extremely high DPS and can kill both bosses before Kalecgos dies. It's not needed for one to be a Paladin but helps in case of unlucky resists.

It's not possible for a average guild, don't bother.

06-10-2008, 09:59 PM
Ok, I understand the 2 tank strategy feasibility better now.

As for the 3 tank rotation, thanks for reinforcing it. I think I understand it, it's just a sort've complicated thing to explain/say, I don't think there's all that easy of a way to just type it out. But once we get some practice in, I'm sure the slight uncertainty about how it works will disappear.

06-11-2008, 08:02 AM
Here's the way I explain it to my tanks:

Tank A: Portals 1 and 7
Tank B: Pulling dragon, takes portals 3 and 9
Tank C: Portals 5 and 11

Once you hit 11 portals, the rotation is set. Deadly Boss Mods will announce portal numbers, which is a huge help.

When you get to the demon side: debuff and taunt the demon.
When you get to the dragon side: Taunt the dragon.

We also make sure we announce taunts. For example:
Gc taunting demon in 5.
Gc taunting demon.

This has helped our healers immensly with transitioning to tanks. The demon can put out some serious damage.

06-11-2008, 09:20 PM
I am the 'senior' tank in our tank core. We just downed this boss for the first time tonight and the way I coached the other tanks want to not pay attention to portal numbers but pay attention to what is going on and know what needs to happen.

I am an advocate of having people understand the fight and not just watch numbers. I train players, no robots. "Everyone has a play until they get hit". The ability to adapt is what kills bosses.

You need a dragon tank
You need a demon tank
You want the tank with the fewest buffets tanking the dragon
You want tanks to overlap in the demon world

Basically you want to tank the dragon if you are in the light world and have less debuffs than the other tank in the light world. If you are in the light world and not tanking the dragon wait till the demon tanks has about 20s left and take the next portal. Check for healers in the dark world, if there are people to keep you alive taunt. Wait till you get ported up, take over the dragon.


06-24-2008, 01:44 PM
Ioseb's response is basically the same way we run it. it requires maintaining communication and a little bit of common sense on the tanks' part.