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06-10-2008, 06:49 AM

At the moment, we're killing Hunter and his pet first > shaman > priest > fathomlord.

Fathom lord is being tanked directly where he stands in the first place, hunter is being tanked in the corner closest to fathomlord near the hallway on the left side of fathom, shaman is being tanked on the other side corner, left of that same hallway and priestess is being tanked directly in line with shaman and fathomlord, so it makes a nice little square.

So I will explain what we're doing, what's going wrong and hopefully, I can come up with a good arguement from the comments that respond to this thread, so that I can convince the rest of the guys running the show along with me, why we would do it differently.

(I am the priestess tank, I'm not a complete failure on interrupting heals with a shaman helping as well, I also get a good view of everything that is going on)

While DPS is on the hunter, the shaman rapes the Druid tanking him, spitfire totem is up the entire time, we're just healing through it. Although, the Druid without fail always dies. I know why he is dying, it's obvious. Two healers can't seem to keep him up while DPS is on Hunter and Hunter's Pet. Either one of the healers dies from the Spitfire totem and Priestess bolt skills and that gets the Druid killed as well. So he can die either way.

In my opinion, I think we should be killing the Shaman first, but others insist we do it the way we're now and that it's "Not hard, if people pay attention", obviously I understand that much, so there isn't much I can say or do, how would I perhaps handle this?

06-10-2008, 08:35 AM
I'll give a shot at this:

Your problem is in the kill order. It should be Shaman-Hunter-Pet-Priestess-Karathress.

Your melee group (except for 1-2 rogues/fury warriors to interrupt priestess heals) should be with your druid tank to take down the Shaman first. Also, make sure all DPS has the " /target spitfire totem " macro to quickly DPS down the totem before it kills the raid.

Once the Shaman is down, melee / ranged goes to the Hunter to kill him. Once the hunter is dead, ranged goes to the Priest, melee stays to kill the pet, then to the priest.

At this point, the only ones not DPS'ing the Priestess is your main tank (on Karathress) and the tank healers. Once the Priestess dies, the raid focuses on Karathress (use the spitfire macro again).

06-10-2008, 09:24 AM
Either kill order can work fine. If you're killing Sharkiss and his pet first, then you need a way to deal with Tidalvess' high burst damage until he's dead.

For managing Tidalvess:
1) a tank who's good at handling physical damage bursts
2) Shaman in the tank's group dropping Grounding Totems, to remove Frost Shock
3) enough healers to handle both the tank damage and the Spitfire-on-healers damage (lots of guilds use a double line of healing for this)
4) good positioning so that Caribdis isn't bolting that section

Sounds like your guild is only doing (1). Fix 2-4, and this strategy works fine.

Killing Tidalvess first works fine as well. If switching to this strategy, I recommend keeping Tidalvess and Sharkiss nearby, so that the Leeching Throw has more targets; safer for the Sharkiss healers.

06-10-2008, 11:03 AM
We do Priest>Hunter>Shaman>Lord

We have the Priest tanked about 20 yards away from Lord and the Hunter + Pet tanked by a Paladin about 10 yards away from the Priest.

Typically speaking I am the Shaman tank and I tank him about 50 yards away at the far corner of the room. Giving the Lord the Windfury/Spitfire combo early in the fight is crazy. :P Your kill order is probably fine, but you need to put 1 healer on your two healers or change one of them to be your most skilled resto druid. Two healers can keep the Shaman tank alive indefinitely if they aren't worrying about healing each other from the spitfire.

06-11-2008, 12:43 PM
Shaman dies first (kill spitfire and drop grounding)
After shaman dies the MT simply kites fathom lord when a new totem drops. he also gets a second or third healer from the shaman group.
Kill hunter then pet.
kill priest.
Nuke down Fathom lord and kill totems.