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06-02-2008, 05:01 AM
I Logged on yesterday to WOW and Zap immediate invite to DLK from my guild and they wanted me to be the MT, no pre warning 24hrs just Zap do it, never tanked him before, thought sh...t.

25 peeps expecting me to tank something I had never done before so ofc I didn't know the tactics.

First Time was told to tank him on the stairs sure np, got him down to 60% b4 first enrange, then 4 mins later he appeared to be on 80% and we wiped eventually.

Anyway 4th time, I was told eventually to tank him and turn him away from the group but by that time to many of the opposite faction were joining in and hitting me too, so we wiped again after 4 minuites, then the grp gave up.

So I was miffed I didn't have time to read up on tactics and looked imo a donk, and then I read somewhere u should be able to take him down in a minute with the right dps?

Also whether it was lag or not I don't know but it was extremely difficult if not impossible in between SBs to get off ThunderClap and demo Shout, I asked the grp for someone to do the demo shout for me but we had no other warriors.

1. Anyway whats the right tank tactics for this boss?
2. Can he really be downed in a minute?
3. And whats your expeirences trying to get off Demo Shout and Thunderclap between SBs. ?


06-02-2008, 07:14 PM
My guild just downed DLK for the first time last night, with me main tanking. I tanked him on the ramp - I did a long body pull and immediately turned him to keep the melee out of the cleave. I didn't try to get out Demo shout or TC, I just started with the Gnomeragan Auto Blocker and Shield Bash, and then kept up my usual rotation. You don't have time to worry about debuffs, you just want to build as much threat as you can. He does a TC which slows attack speed by 30%, so that's probably the source of the lag you're seeing.

This fight is mostly a DPS check - you need to get him down in a minute because the enrage will kill a lot of people, and each death heals him. We took him with 30+ people.

06-04-2008, 12:55 AM
I've never tanked him, so can't help you there, but while he can outdoubtedly be downed in a minute, this is not essential. We've killed him twice with about 25-30 (I was on my mage), at the time pre-2.4, in karazhan gear, with the odd drop from gruul, mag and early ssc/tk. With ice-block trainable for all mages, all mages and pallys can avoid all damage from his first enrage. The important thing if you're low on dps or on numbers is to have enough healers, or more than enough healers to get everyone through the shadow bolt phase. Aoe healers are particularly useful, making sure everyone is within range of a healer.

Reminders to everyone to use a health pot and healthstone as well helps the healers a lot.

I suspect, depending on how many people on your server do the dailies in hellfire, that that alone makes him more tricky post-2.4.

06-04-2008, 07:56 AM
For every mob it is polite to turn it incase it can do any area of effect spells. This has been the case since Core doggies.

As for the DPS he should go down in 2 minutes if not he will wipe you most likely...

06-17-2008, 03:56 AM
We were tired after failing to down RoS in BT (healer pulled agro twice melee'ing in phase 1 *sigh* and some other "shouldn't do that attempts") so I decided to give the raid a break and we killed Doomwalker and Kazzak for the first time.

I tanked him on the ramp to maximise dps before too many people die. I can't say that I noticed anything particularly challenging in the fight other than push threat and let the dps nuke him quickly.

He hits slowly so there shouldn't be an issue keeping thunderclap up (which is more important than demoralising shout). I recommend that you macro shield block with Revenge, Slam and Dev to have one less thing to worry about.

Managed this with four tanks and seven healers. Just stop dps on the overrun and allow the tanks to pick him up again. I managed to tank him the almost the entire time and died with the 4 or 5th (?) sunder on me.