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06-02-2008, 03:47 AM
I've read the wiki and watched the videos. Anything that any of you guys know about that isn't common knowledge that makes it easier?

We currently have a prot pally taking all the hatchlings on one side. I tank Jan'Alai. Problem we are having is people dying to the fire breath. From what I've read the fire breath doesn't kill people--debuff + fire breath kills people.

We only tried him yesterday 4 times so I may not know everything that was going down. Would love to hear some stories.

06-02-2008, 03:58 AM
Unless your dps is insane, theres really no need to take an entire side at once. Last night was the first time I've done the pally thing - and we used a holy pally in good prot gear. We cleared just over half one side the first time, then cleared the rest of that side the third time, we should have done the same thing with the second side but it got out of control and we got the whole lot, which ended up killing our mage. If it had gone according to plan we would have killed half of the second side, then he would have got to his enrage point and popped the second half of the second side.

While prot pallys can tank an entire side, imo its rather unnecessary and risky.

Who he targets for fire breath is random, so you can be unlucky or lucky, generally you want to spread out as much as possible, but for aoe'ing the adds - it's likely you've got a melee (or two), a tank, a mage and a healer all very close together, locks and anyone else who can should stay at range and aoe to minimise the potential number of people hit by flamebreath. The pally can ofc divine shield out of the debuff (although I'm not sure what the cd is).

There is a strat around that involves tanking the adds on the platforms where the eggs are, rather than what we do is tank them where the bridge meets the main platform, but I think line of sight may be interesting, but have never tried that strategy - someone else might be able to help out with that.

06-02-2008, 04:39 AM
we do it with a t5/t6 prot paladin and take the whole side at once. Have similarly tiered level mages and warlocks to dps down the hatchlings however on this fight you have plenty of time just to let 3-4 egs hatch at a time. He will enrage but its a very small increase in damage.

I've found the key to this fight is the DPS knowing what they are doing with the hatchers and people not dying on the bombs. Since the nerf there is no excuse on the bombs imo.

06-04-2008, 06:38 PM
If people are dieing to fire breath, then you could have the tank start out next to the eggs, at the end of the platform which is not being hatched.
You will probably need one healer assigned to healing them, perhaps just off the bridge, while the rest of the raid spread out and deal with the hatchlings, without the threat of mass fire breath damage.
If the tank gets ported back to the middle then they simply drag Jan'alai back to the starting position when the fire walls are down.
Reverse sides, rinse repeat once one side is dead.

06-04-2008, 08:01 PM
Mate - as the above posters have said - dont bother taking one full side at a time unless you are in a bear mount run.

however, you need to progressively kill them off as they spawn and take a full side. we use a feral druid swiping like mad for this - if the DPS is slow, then it doesnt really work.

also; with fire breath - just keep him in the middle imho - doing so prevents problems with positioning. Also the flame breath reaches from one side of the room to the other anyways so it just makes it easier to get chain burned. Just make sure your healers and ranged DPS are evenly split up so they dont all cop a burn at once. The little dragonhawks also do a flame buffet that stacks - it is worth noting that healers and DPS should rarely if ever be getting this, especially if you are not hatching one whole side at once and using easy DPS.

so yeah - take it easy on the hawks and have light dps on the boss - dont try to kill him fast. this fight is all about the healing and coordination.

For your first set of attempts, try running with 3 healers. once you have gotten it down pat - take more hawks and less healers :P

06-04-2008, 11:47 PM
Paladins make this boss a lot easier. If you have a good one with decent tanking or FR gear then taking a whole side at a time should not be a problem. Taking too long to clear the birds can become an issue. You can clear one whole side of the birds without a Pally tank.

06-09-2008, 04:06 AM
If you have a bunch of people being hit by the flame breath, try to spread out more in a circle around him. There really shouldn't be more than 1-2 people getting hit by it each time. The most difficult times to avoid it are when you are trying to aoe.

As far as tanking, we usually used our prot warrior on the boss and tanked the adds with our holy pally in mostly healing gear iirc. In T5 healing gear, he was able to keep himself up with maybe a few hots from the druid/priest. He found that wearing healing gear didn't make him take much more damage, and he was able to heal much more effectively, and had a lot better mana regen. We typically assigned a holy priest to healing the raid and a resto druid to healing the main tank.

06-09-2008, 01:38 PM
umm there is a much easier way to do this fight if you have a prot pally with you...even just touching t4...

MT, and 1 healer to the LEFT (all the way down the bridge IN the eggs)

rest of the raid to the right...release as many birds as you can. spank em out. when the boss teleports you to the center...if the eggs are gone...go to the right...if not...go to the left again.

once the right is clear....take the boss to the right....group kills the birds to the left..... dodge the bombs... and no one really ever has to deal witht he fire breath till the adds are gone...

then just spread out...dodge the bombs and spank him down.

this fight is literally the easiest fight in ZA with a pally tank.

06-18-2008, 07:44 AM
If people are dying to flame breath you likely have a healer issue. No DPS class should have a lot of debuffs. If your pally tank is dying, just hatch 10 at a time each side until they're all gone. When he gets overgeared he can easily hatch a side.

If AOE classes are pulling off the pally, tell em to get some fire resist gear and it makes em cake. When our warlocks come they bring their Leotheras gear and they resist a lot of the debuffs and the flame breath hits for 1000. Unless you're going for the timed chests it is not a DPS race. It is a play-smart fight more than anything. I believe a pally tank bubble off the debuffs after all the eggs are hatched.

Some things to watch for are bombs if you decide to hatch a whole side. It can be very hard to see the bombs at times with all the dragonhawks doing their fire breath.

06-27-2008, 09:19 AM
the best thing we've done is to have all mele in the boss, then one hunter (uber dps)or range solo killing one of the hatchers while the other is free hatching 7-8 or all the eggs, depending how good is our AOE, so we spent 1 or 2 rounds of AOE on each side.
By the time we don't have eggs the boss is low and is just overheal the tank (aka me) and loot.

06-27-2008, 09:28 AM
Everyone needs to spread out for the flame breaths it shouldnt kill anyone. What I do as the MT I call out when 2 people get hit by the same flame breath so they know not to let it happen again.

I think its best to take a whole side. Get the practice in now. Have a slowing trap down at the end of the bridge and the pally there concecrating. One melee stands next to the pally and all the range assist off him nukeing down birds as they spawn. Anything not nuked will be picked up by the pally. Any bird that gets lose an extra fury warr or rogue can kill em. When he has all birds let the seeds and AOE fly.

pally bubbles after the first side is clear. Fire resist gear is amazing have the pally put on a few pieces (use the whole set if you got it)

06-27-2008, 03:25 PM
Im a raid leader for a ZA team that runs every week, we just recently in the last 3 weeks been able to get consistant kills on the Dragonhawk Boss so this is fresh in my mind. The rest of the 3 front bosses are a 1 shot every time.

1) Boss Tank
-This boss does crush so a warrior or druid MT for the boss is optimal.

2) Hatchers
-We used a Rouge to kill the one hatcher right off the bat and had a hunter start bringing down the life of the one hatcher that releases the eggs. The Hunter watches how many eggs are released and deals the killing blow when we have the amount of eggs out we want.

3) Fire Breath
-A cone effect that targets 1 player and blasts anyone around the player he selects. This is especially dangerous if the Off Tank thats rounding up the dragonhawks gets hit. Because the hatchlings give a fire debuff that can stack up. We have seen up to 63 times!

Therfore the best plan is to make sure all Melee dps are on the boss the whole fight and Ranged aoe the hatchlings while the Off Tank controls them. That way no one is in position near the hatchling pile to spread the Fire Breath onto the Off Tank , wich results almost every time in a instant wipe.

4) Fire Bombs
-They are as simple as they sound, but you have to pay very close attention to where you are standing. Looking off to the side on your screen at a action ect. could kill you. The boss dose not aggro or Fire Breath durring this phase so just pay attention to your positioning. They have reduced the amount of bombs on the deck since the instance came out, so there is allways a large clear space.

Also do not try and run out and reset him durring the fire bomb phase, if you run thru the wall of fire you will die.

5) Strat
- We let the first hatcher that we let live realease half the platform of eggs, then the hunter kills him off. As the hatchlings come across the bridge we use a Ret Pally in Prot gear or straight up Prot Pally, to round up the hatchlings. At this point all dps (except melee) get off the boss and start killing the hatchlings as they come across. Once they get thick we have a mage root them to the ground and nuke the pile.

We repeat this for the second half of the first platform for the second wave of hatchers.

Then on the third wave of hatchers we release ALL the eggs on the other platform using the same plan. This is the only rough part. Making sure no one is next to your off tank so he/she dosent get Fire Breathed is key. We release all the eggs on the last side to buy us some time. As the Boss has a enrage timer, so we need to speed up getting the hatchlings out of the way to bring the boss down faster.

After all the eggs are poped no more hatchers will spawn. The only obstical is Fire Bombs. At this point it becomes a heal intensive fight, trying to keep the MT up while the boss is enraged. You need 3 healers for this fight.