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05-30-2008, 07:22 AM

Serendipity on Vashj-EU is a fairly young (formed Summer '07) but very well developing raiding guild. It took us some time to form a solid core and get moving, but we had no trouble clearing T6 content.

A few important members decided to step down from active raiding around the Sunwell release, and May exams etc took a toll on attendance so our progress had been somewhat slower than it could since we've chosen to take it easy instead of overrecruiting and shoving our veteran members aside. We're currently 3/6, working on Twins, and we're certainly set on killing Kil'Jaeden and continuing together into WLK.

Here's a few more things about our guild;

The raid days are Sunday-Thursday, Fri/Sat being off although we do t4/t5 stuff on these days as well at times. Invites start around 1900, raids end ~2330.

We use dkp with open bids as means of purchasing items, new members are able to receive loot if they've got the dkp for it; main chars are given priority over alts / offspec gear. This will likely be reworked in WLK but not really decided on that yet.

The guild is led by myself the GM and a small group of officers, we don't do class leaders, democratic votes, or whatever BS. I do lead the guild on the basic premise that the guild exists for its members, but it is the collective guild progress that dictates how far each member can get; the more everyone puts into our community, the more rewards we all will reap from it.

Our raiding roster is kept as small as possible, to minimize the needs for players sitting out during raids; this is especially true for key roles such as tanks, hybrid support classes, etc. At the moment, we've got roughly 32 raiding accounts, I'm looking at expanding that to ~34, and would never think of going past 40. This means, we need activity and reliability. You're expected to keep up with 5 raids/week as a minimum, it's okay if you need to skip a day every here and there but you should show responsibility about that - if on a given day 6 people post they can't attend and you "don't really feel like" raiding, you damn well better show anyway in case we're missing numbers, especially during progress days.

We've started late in tBC but we're already playing close to the edge of raid progression, and I'm going to try to push it further in WLK - this means we don't wait for everyone to gather optimal gear; this means you need to have all the best consumables, ready always to make up for as much as possible. You should also be willing to farm any necessary rep, resistance gear, etc. Guild assists with matters like this where needed, but if you're lazy or easily bored, you need to at least have a good supply of gold to cover up for that.

We also expect all players to have an idea of what they're doing with their chars, what are their possibilities and limits; you should be able to utilize all available talent specs as needed, and generally play your class to the fullest.

We try to keep the guild atmosphere in and out of raids relaxed and enjoyable; there's usually something going on at pretty much all times, most members have alts of sorts, etc; anyone choosing to step down from active raiding is given a chance to stay in the guild as a casual member, and they'd always be the first choice to fill in any upcoming vacancies should they choose to come back to more active playing.

All this said, we are looking to add one Warrior to our roster (if you need to know, our old guy has decided to quit WoW for Age of Conan). The key requirements are experience, flexibility, and a good attitude; knowledge of BT & Sunwell fights is a big plus, as is having appropriate gear for it, but isn't a necessity.

You would be the only actively raiding warrior apart from myself, so you'd be expected to keep up a raid attendance of 90% or higher; I would also need you to be able to play both DPS and tanking roles perfectly - we have a feral druid and a prot paladin in the roster and I'm both a competent DPSer and tank myself but you may be needed to fill in DPS / tanking if someone's missing even if you prefer the alternative role in general.

Personality-wise, you should be able to listen, accept instructions and criticism without going emo over it, and ideally work on new solutions to any problems we may face on your own as well. I don't yell at people, not without a good reason, but I've dealt with enough sulkers in the past who hate your guts just because you've told them that yes, standing in that fiery burning blaze is probably not a good idea.

Gear is not really an issue; if you can convince me you're exactly the player I'm looking for, we disenchant 90% of plate drops in BT/Hyjal, and Protector tokens are dime a dozen - although if you're ready to jump into Sunwell the day we invite you, that is certainly great help.

So, if you're an awesome Warrior who is looking for a new home, and are confident you've got what it takes - give us a shout, it'll be worth it. :)

You can reach me in game on the server Vashj (Indris / Kyrstal), post / pm me on these forums, or check our guild's forums - ::Serendipity:: (http://serendipity.ipbfree.com)