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05-28-2008, 04:32 PM
First off I hope this is the right place to post within these forums.


At the minute my guild is in a bit of a mess, I kind of co-found this guild with two people i met on my realm at a low level, about 10 months later, we had gotten into Raiding, etc. We were in the process of building our own 25man roster, after being to Mag and Gruul in mixed guild runs ourselves, and gotten bored of Karazhan, and something else to do whilst learning ZA.

But after the released of AoC last week my GM, and the other co-founding officer in the guild, have quit WoW to play AoC, just like that. Our GM was going to have to quit WoW in August due to his move back to the States from the UK, but now has decided to play AoC in the mean time.

This has been a rather back breaking piece of news to the rest of the guild. Having another officer leave to play AoC, and three officers, and friends have moved to another guild, shortly after this decision was made by our GM.

Which leaves us with 4 officers, and me with the most time spent in the guild therfore kind of giving me leader, 2 intend to quit WoW when their monthly subscriptions run out, but they have said that before. This would leave me with one last officer, who is my Off-Tank, and 2v2 Arena Partner, so as you guess we spend a lot of time playing together.

The main problem we had with the guild, was people getting bored gearing up our new recruits, or people new to 70, for T5 content, people were too impatient, and in all honesty after such a loss like this, i have lost my patience too.

So the options i think i have open to me are:

Carry on the guild, try to merge with someone in a similar position, or recruit more people, but my realm (Sporregar) seems to have a rather low population, especially on the Alliance side.

Leave the guild for the guild 3 of the officers joined, who are raiding T5 content, and have played with me before. But I would like to take my remaining officer with me, but he does not like this guild in question. A few of their members are a bit cocky, and egocentric, but hey isn't that the deal with all guilds??

Have a shot at joining the top guild on our realm, I tick most of the boxes, but these guys are HARDCORE which I am a bit unsure of, part of me wants to raid everynight getting new gear, and making a name for myself, but sometimes i like to relax a bit, on or off WoW. These guys top end players are raiding sunwell, but are recruiting people ready for T5, which i am. Again I am unsure whether as they would like my off-tank to join too, i don't recall reading about recruitment for a feral druid, and it would be a big loss to lose my off-tank.

Mainly I am disapointed with the lack of loyalty within my guild, and I have wanted to get this off my chest, I didn't want to post on the WoW realm/warrior forums due to the 'QQ' 'TT' comments, so I have decided to ask here, as it's a nice community.

I hope someone takes the time to read this text wall of doom, and give me a nice opinion on what to do. As I am really unsure.




05-28-2008, 06:25 PM
I lead a "casual hardcore" guild on Defias EU RPPvP (neighbours to you) that has cleared SSC/TK and is progressing well in T6. Even with this fairly quick progress (considering how late we started and how seldom we raid) I feel your pain. Raid attendance is lower due to AoC and summer *argh*. The problem we face on these servers are the low population of raiders. We have absolutely no T5-level feeder guilds and have to recruit T4+BoJ level people to keep raiding viable.

My view on your options (having considered many of these when we were growing to do 25-man raids):
(1) Mergers are really tough. I have seen several attempted on Defias and almost all of them failed. There are many factors that have to be resolved and the least risky approach would be to try an alliance with a likely guild before moving to a merger. You mentioned that you have done Mag/Gruul with several guilds - perhaps now is the time to formalise the alliance/relationship.

(2) Recruit. This takes time if you want to do it properly. Recruit too quickly and your guild will be little better than a PUG in /guild. Take too long and you will be doing 2x10 man raiding for awhile before having enough people to do viable 25-man raids.

(3) Join a T5 Guild or T6.5 Guild. A lot depends of what you want. The T5 guild sounds unpleasant as not all guilds are "cocky and egocentric". The Sunwell guild is probably facing a similar problem to us being a low population server i.e. not enough feeder guilds. Therefore your chances with them sound good if hardcore raiding is what you want.

My advice is to try and formalise a raiding alliance before trying a merger. Personally I have found it far more rewarding to build a guild than join something premade.

05-28-2008, 11:59 PM
What clifford said.

If you do plan on merging, make sure you decide who will be the raid leader etc, cus 2 captains on one ship will be horrid, believe me