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05-26-2008, 03:37 AM
Thanks a lot to all the comments in Tankspot - we managed to get him down on our 10th attempt. Here is a summary of what worked for me.

Raid Setup
9x healers (had 2 resto shaman, 3 druids, 3 paladins and one priest)
5x melee, 3x tanks

Group Composition
Groups 1-3 (Bloodboil)
- Group 1 note: Used a lot of warlocks and higher hp classes as they take 2xbloodboil.
- Group 2 note: I put a lot of paladins in this group so that they could bubble the damage if it becomes too much. They also take two bloodboils.
- Group 3 note: Lower hp ranged as they will only take a single bloodboil.
- Resto shaman, priest and druid were able to heal the respective bloodboil damage in their group.
Group 4 (Tank)
- 1x holy paladin
- 2x prot warriors and 1x feral druid
- 1x enhancement shaman (Grace of Air except when feral druid has agro then WF)
Group 5
- Melee

Phase 1
- Tanked in the usual spot by the waterfall without any issues.
- Very little dps during this phase.
- Make sure you always reposition him in the same spot to ensure that the group that is meant to take bloodboil does (and not some unsuspecting people that have moved away :p)
- Melee at his back left foot and OTs at the back right foot.
- I found that by using some avoidance gear and triggering Moroes' trinket I was able to tank an entire phase - if not ejected by Gurtogg.
- 10 seconds before the end of phase 1 the raid must spread.
- Group 1 went north after their second bloodboil.
- Group 3 went south after their first bloodboil.
- Group 2 waited in the waterfall for their second bloodboil.

Phase 2
- Nothing much to add here except that people must spread before he does geyser at the end of phase 1. Furthermore, everyone must move away from the FelRage target.
- One healer is assigned to look after the tanks during this phase whilst helping the FelRage target.
- The healers responsible for bloodboil need to continue healing their groups whilst assisting the FelRage target.
- Transition back to phase 1: BoP the current main tank if he has too many acidic wounds ticking.

05-26-2008, 09:46 AM
Well I did this fight for the first time a couple of weeks ago and he can be a pain. As for bloodboils we normally have all the ranged DPS standing in the waterfall and then we call for groups to step forward for bloodboils it's fairly simple and works everytime. DPS doesn't need to be slow in P1 if your tanks can put out some nice TPS just use common sense and don't go over the 2nd tank although it's safer to stay below the 3rd.

The fight is very healing intensive and tanks would be advised to take no more than 12 debuffs before transitioning to the next tank (stop building threat at 7 debuffs) that should help the healers during fel enrage when only 1 should really be keeping tanks topped off. It's tough on healers and tanks but as your tanks adapt to the fight it gets easier. My first time in I wiped us 3 times but the other night we ran in and 1 shotted him with ease :)

08-04-2008, 09:03 AM
very nice thread. thx clifford

08-06-2008, 07:45 AM
Tanking BB favors heavy avoidance, so you can keep the Wound stacks low, and take less Bewilderments(threat dump). Throw in some not-tanking threat gen and you're golden for the first felrage.

I can't speak from a warrior perspective, but as a paladin or druid I've had a very relaxing and easy time staying on top of threat. Threat-avoidance cooldowns do help.

08-06-2008, 02:25 PM
ot's behind him?

when we tank him we wear mainly threat gear and stand in front eating cleaves, we also try and grab one or two stacks just to feed us rage.