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05-21-2008, 06:53 AM

Podcast Information
This podcast answers member-submitted questions on guild management. The majority of time is spent discussing speed and efficiency in raids. Other questions are related to Summer-time schedules, main tank gearing, recruiting friends from other guilds an balancing multiple 10-man groups.

05-21-2008, 06:54 AM
I'm going to be dividing posts up into two parts from now on so I can place these podcasts directly into the news feed on our frontpage.

Questions covered in this podcast:

I've very much enjoyed hearing your large-scale thoughts on time management for raiding guilds. Do you have any practical tips or concrete advice for improving time management within individual raids? Every guild must face the same issues of lethargic starts, lengthy pre-boss explanations, /afk time between bosses, etc., which can end up eating an hour or more of raiding time over the course of a raid night. What methods do you suggest for dealing with this type of problem?
Hi Cider. Summer is on its way, and people will be outdoors more. This is really understandable ofcourse. But what do you think we should do with this? Cause we are at the moment 44 players. Before this weeks reset we didnt get to go anywhere due to people not being on.

What are your feelings in regard to main tank gearing? Personally I'd rather have the main tank use standard DKP rules from the beginning so that other raid members don't get upset and think things are unfair towards officers. However, the other officers seem to feel that the main tank should get priority in order to progress through content faster. I don't want to be an ass and take all the gear when it first drops. What is your feeling on this?

I am asking this question with an eye to making my own small guild for Wrath of the Lich King that will focus soley on the 10 man tract. I was wondering what your thoughts were about approaching former guild mates in an effort to recruit them to your own guild. I know I've never enjoyed being on the other side of it, seeing a guild mate leave for another guild. Yet, I know these are skilled players and more importantly, guys I like hanging out with. What's the right way and wrong way to go about it?

Besides our 25 man raids, we are currently running 1 Karazhan (for the lesser geared newer recruits) and 2 Zul'Aman raids. The problem is that some people want 2 balanced Zul'Aman groups while others (including me) would go for the best players in one group approach. Actually, doing that leaves the second group not able to do but the bear boss (with great struggle) and maybe the next one. Yesterday things escalated when I drafted the best players I could and left Thursday Zul'Aman raid without any real chance of success (3 day reset overlapped on both).

05-23-2008, 05:17 AM
ZA, especially loot from the speed runs, can be very beneficial for people even into BT/Hyjal content as there are still several "best in slot" items for certain classes pre-Sunwell. The gear from ZA will make SSC/TK level content much easier. Our guild is in Sunwell, yet we still run ZA to max out gear for our raiders.

It can be beneficial to continue to do runs, but you should focus on your A team for these runs as most people won't need anything so quick and painless is the way to go.

Part of the reason for leveling my Warrior alt was to have a tank available, as our main raiding tanks no longer had the time to run ZA most nights.