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05-19-2008, 08:29 AM
Hello, guys, I need some help, I donīt like much tank instances ( no experience, my friend help me with Azeroth instances, and I make Outlands instance with Fury Spec), but I need it now, so with this status can I do some heroics?


05-19-2008, 11:29 AM

Your health and armor are great, but your defense is a little low (lower than whats I consider normal considering how high your health and armor are), so I looked you up on wow armory (we're on the same server!).

Anyways, your spec could use some looking at. There's a pretty good guide on prot warrior talents somewhere on this site, but you should definitely look at moving three of those points you have in Iron Will (arms) into Improved Thunderclap (Arms). This will help you a good amount in any situation when you have to tank more than one person at a time. Also, since you are still a sizable sum below the defense cap, I would move some points to make Anticipation 5/5 (protection tree). Improved Revenge is also real nice for Heroics.

Aside from your talent build you seem ready to go.

I'm new around here so maybe someone else will correct me, but the aboves is my 5 cents.

p.s. The health and Armor I was using to say you'd be fine for heroics was what you showed in your screenshot you submitted, not by what was on your armory at the time.

Feel free to wisper me in game if you need anything!

As an aside, your armory shows you using a 2hander, just so you know, you could probably grind faster/be more effective at generally anything as a prot warrior with either DW or a 1h & shield, since devastate doesn't work with 2handers.

05-19-2008, 12:16 PM
Looks like you have the startings of a decent tanking set. Looks like you have the SSO shield from the pic. (nice choice).

Your Defense is dangerously low though. You will want to get it up to 485 to completely eliminate crits in heroic 5 mans (490 for raid bosses).

Three talent I would highly reccomend at your current progression are max Defiance, Imp. TC, and Imp. Shield Bash. Thats a total of 8 talent points.

Talents you can afford to lose are Iron will, and Imp. Def. Stance (thats a total of 7 talent points) Personally I would take the last point from cruelty (but that is personal preference).

When your gear allows you can syphon points from Defiance back into Cruelty and Imp. Def Stance.

Otherwise, it looks like you are on the right track. Here's hoping you embrace the challenge that is tanking. It is in no way easy, but I like to think it is the most rewarding role in the game.

Good luck

05-23-2008, 02:27 PM
An easy upgrade gear wise that I can see right off the bat is the Inuuro's Blade from SSO. Will only cost you a few gold so I would suggest you go pick it up.

07-16-2008, 10:12 AM
I loved my Innuro's Blade. Get Deathfrost on it and just stay on top of the heroic strike spamming and watch the magic.