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05-15-2008, 07:14 PM
Ok I know typically you want to use a nice quick weapon to tank with, but I just respecced prot to do some tanking for badges, and I have a little dilemma .

I was using Dragonstrike in my MH when I was fury, and my only tanking wep is The Sun Eater...

so its 97 (2.7 speeD) dps (with haste proc) vs. 83 (1.6 speed) dps with stats

should I give up the speed for the better weapon or stick with the sure tanking wep?

05-15-2008, 07:42 PM
Pre Devastate i think fast = best was a no brainer...

Dev not being normalized may make it a closer argument. if you have heaps of expertise and have hit capped then slower probably wont cause too much issue as you wont be worried about miss streaks for threat.

I haven't tried tanking with anything but SE and KD myself and i have higher DPS weapons but i think thats mainly because i trade Def for Stam/threat on other pieces. IE autoblocker over stam trinket. EH/avoidance over Def legs.

If your still 490Def with no Def on weapon then it's worth the try, HS would be alot slower as a rage dump but that may not hurt you depending on where you are with the gear/avoidance.

My feeling would be that you would generate threat in bigger spikes but is it a problem...experiment.

If you lose threat swap to SE and see if its the weapon.

From the TPS Spreadsheet looking at you base Swing and Dev only the figures You would get a increase on threat from a slower mainhand if you hit all the time A miss also hurts more so if you have expertise up the whazoo it's probably OK.

However i'm not a guru on the tanking TPS stuff.