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05-14-2008, 03:10 PM
My main is a prot warrior, but I also play a feral druid sometimes. I'm wondering if anyone can point me to (or perhaps post here) a feral DPS guide. I'm mainly curious about what my ability rotation should be on a relatively long boss fight.


05-19-2008, 12:59 PM
No feral druids here?

05-19-2008, 01:50 PM
Mangle as needed to maintain mangle. Shred until you have 5 CP. Rip. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

05-19-2008, 02:29 PM
It's a little deeper than that imo, but that's basically the gist.

Here's something I stuck in my guild forums a while ago. I forget where I saw it from, but it's good brain food.

Just in case anyone was wondering about the difference in scaling between CPs and Rip Damage Per CP:

1 Point ----> 300 Damage ---> 300 Damage/Point
2 Points ---> 498 Damage ---> 249 Damage/Point
3 Points ---> 696 Damage ---> 232 Damage/Point
4 Points ---> 894 Damage ---> 224 Damage/Point
5 Points --> 1092 Damage ---> 218 Damage/Point

This doesn't include the AP bonuses given per CP though.

Here is the AP bonus rip gets per combo point:

1 CP: 6% of AP
2 CP: 12% of AP
3 CP: 18% of AP
4 CP: 24% of AP
5 CP: 24% of AP

If you notice: 4 and 5 CP Rips have the exact same coefficient gains from AP.
What this means is a 4 CP Rip is JUST AS efficient per Combo point as a 5 CP Rip is.

So the best DPS cycle is to get 4-5 combo points, then wait for 80+ energy. Then Trinket (Bloodlust, Crystalforged, etc. if not on cooldown), Rip, Mangle, Shred to 4 or 5 combo points.

If you have bad luck on Omen of Clarity, 2 piece Tier 4 or Shred crits and only get 4 combo points before your Rip and Mangle runs out, then just do a 4 combo point Rip instead of a 5 combo point. It will yield you more DPS. Of course if you have spare energy before your last Rip or Mangle runs out, go for 5 points.

The important factor in this is maintaining as close to a 100% rip application as possible. Even waiting "only" 2-4 seconds after a rip wears out to get that last 5CP can have a noticeable affect on your DPS.