View Full Version : Seeking bt/hyjal guild horde pve

05-13-2008, 11:09 AM
I am seeking a horde pve hyjal/bt/sunwell guild that preferably raids 7:00 cst to 11:00 cst. I have done up to mother off tanking, but I'm sure I can fill whatever role need be, fury, main tank, off tank. I have a fire resist set for tanking flames on Illidan even though I never quite made it that far, however my xfer is not up for another 11 days, but I would like to find something that I could just hop into and start raiding once my xfer does come up.

I work full time, Monday to Friday, but it's in the morning, I would prefer to raid Sunday to Thursday or a very close variation to that, I do not want raid on Saturdays.

Benjamin Kibbe

05-19-2008, 09:52 PM
Fog Of War is a horde raiding guild on the Azuremyst Server. FoW raids on Weds, Sun, & Mon. Invites start at 4pm server (Pacific), pulls start at 4:30. Our raids finish at 8:30. Applicants interested in FoW should put an application on this site Home : Fog of War - Guild Launch Guild Hosting (http://fogofwar.guildlaunch.com/)

FoW is currently looking for 1 Prot warrior to fill our tanking ranks. Please have T5-T6 equiv gear. Experience in some of the zones is a ++++

Post an APP and get in contact with me ASAP Also if your interested post on Here, i check this post often and It makes it easier for me to contact you.