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05-09-2008, 09:36 AM
Im 33/28 arms with BF, i normally play with 300-400ms, tried quartz and ld50_abar. Personally i feel my slam rotation is not optimize due to the latency. And of cos, drums/bloodlust/flurry all further screw up my rotation.

I heard about the heroic strike rotation used by Serida(but most post are like 1 yr old) and http://www.tankspot.com/forums/damage-per-second-discussion/35284-pve-arms-guide-1st-edition.html
also mention this rotation

To my understand the rotation goes like this:
MS and WW on CD always, HS when >70 rage and hamsting spam to proc sword spec

Anyone can give me some tips on this few things
1. Is the rotation correct ?
2. How is the DPS compared to imp slam rotation ? * The impt factor *
3. Do i need a certain amount of gear to use HS rotation ?
4. Some feedback from someone that used this rotation.
5. Does hamsting proc sword spec still ? I know it doesnt proc WF anymore

05-09-2008, 04:44 PM
1. Yes, that's pretty much it
2. Lower than with Slam rotation, since you'll be sacrificing the white strike after the slam, then you'll only have 1 burst per rotation (2 or 3 if you can put the rage together with the cd's)
3. The same amount of gear as you would need with a Slam 33/28 spec
4. I used it for a while when i had problems with latency, didn't work the way i expected it, but it still pretty decent. You might want to try the latency fix that SK-Gaming posted (i got it from elitistjerks though) and give slam rotation one more try.
5. Usually it does, but it's not that often. I'd stick with hamstring in case you get no crits for flurry.

05-09-2008, 05:03 PM
i got the latency fix, but it still 300+/-ms. Not much diff tbh

and also my grp got 4 drummers, so my weapon speed is mostly at 3.3s

05-11-2008, 06:59 AM
bump wtb more input

05-12-2008, 08:47 AM
wtb more feedback on HS rotation

in the meantime someone can clear my doubts on slam rotation

1. Does Sword Spec resets swing timer ?
2. As stated above my grp got 24/7 drums so my swing is 3.3 sec. Also 70% of the time we got 2 lust, this decrease my swing time to 2.2 sec. So do i just auto attack > slam (and maybe HS when too much rage) during the period my swing is 2.2 ?
3. I reinstall quartz for swing timer, but i got no latency indication now, how do it enable it ?

05-12-2008, 10:59 AM
2. Using dps spreadsheet (dr_AllCOM3 2.08) from EJ (modified to allow a no-slam rotation with a 2h), and a common axe spec (no weapon racial), slam rotation was 1552 and HS rotation was 1320 dps (it's a lot, more than twice 3/5 flurry vs 0/5 flurry).
As a shameless plug, you could try Slammer addon on wowinterface.com, it reevaluates weapon speed a bit after every hit, so it takes into account DST proc, flurry, drums, etc. It sometimes get confused by white attacks that do not reset the swing timer because they are extra attacks (WF or sword spec or item). You have to figure out your own latency (likely hit slam when there is 0.3 sec left on the swing timer) like old time /stopcasting fire mage.
3. Should not, the main benefit being impale and avoiding glancing blows. I think 2h spec generally need more gear to be attractive on an individual dps point of view.
4. I am currently using this rotation with a Arms/prot (no flurry) build for non progression tanking (another thread about it). Spreadsheet predicts 1238 dps, I'm around 1k on a Teron fight. The spreadsheet is pretty optimistic about deathwish/haste pot/drums of battle uptimes (and the spreadsheet was fully raid buffed that time, I don't think I've ever had windfury, improved shout, improved blessing, leader of the pack, full consumables including chain-haste at the same time).
5. It works, then again, you're talking of 5% chance of a white attack that could be a glancing blow. Hamstring filling of GCD would be mostly useful to maintain crit for flurry and BF uptime.

05-12-2008, 11:36 AM
Still using the somewhat optimistic slam delay (0.16 sec) slam rotation stays better on the spreadsheet for a long time, even capping to rotation to a minimum of 3 seconds (slam->MS/WW->white hit->some time wasted due to MS/WW GCD->slam). I did not fiddle with spreadsheet enough to be 100% sure everything is taken into account (rage generation comes to mind, but the capped white hit delay seem to be taken onto account). To simulate the perma-lust, I added 280 haste (to get to 2.2 weapon speed on my build). The turning point is pretty high with the weapon speed rotation capped at 3 seconds, around main-hand weapon speed at 1.9 (only cycle+main-hand damage, no execute).
You should not use quartz for swing timer latency evaluation.

It works well on spells because it checks the difference (client side) between the moment you send the command to cast a spell and the moment the server tells you the cast is started, which is nice for chain-casting.
Auto-attack (and instant cast spells) have no such pair of message (client side send AND server side acknowledge), so addons have no reliable way to evaluate latency, even though you could hook yourself to slam as a spell.

05-12-2008, 11:38 AM
Btw, extra attacks do not reset the swing timer, whatever the source, but addons can't make the difference (a white swing is a white swing, extra attack is a separate message).

05-12-2008, 10:43 PM
thanks Connady for the great input

about the latency issue, ld50_abar actually provide a latency thingy, like quartz for spells. wat do u think of that?

sry, i cant understand the part about the 2.2 swing speed. So do i juz stick to the normal rotation even if my swing speed is 2.2?

Personally i did the heroic strike rotation today on Archimonde. My rotation is something like this AA > MS > WW > HS > MS > AA > MS > WW, basically saving rage so i can use CD every time its up.

the biggest concern is i will lose WF proc to HS