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05-06-2008, 11:51 PM

Podcast Information
This podcast answers several user submitted questions regarding guild decisions and management. How do the three tank classes stack up against each other in raids? How can I recruit an officer? Are /roll systems fair? What is an ideal guild size for progression? The second half of this podcast covers the principles of time management for raiding guilds.

This podcast will be bi-weekly.

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Pre-Recording Outline
The following questions are responded to in this podcast. Please note that some questions were not responded to and may be covered in the next podcast.

How should we look at the three different tanking classes? Should we recruit one of each?
Is there anywhere to recruit a potential officer, specifically? I followed the principal of getting divergent personalities in the officers too much. Now I need someone vocal & calming, to really back me up. No one in guild is qualified for what I want... a raid leader who can inspire confidence and peace.
I'd like to hear your thoughts about loot. I really liked what you said in the 1st guild relations one, but you said it would be covered in a later podcast. There has been a little drama in my guild lately, because we have been using a /roll system. I think its unfair, but other people think its fine.
My question is about guild size. I know there isn't one, perfect model for building a guild, but I am curious about your opinions. For a guild to be really robust and sustainable should we be shooting for a certain size?

When we were just starting, the tipping point for 25man raiding happened when we grew from 50 to 100 accounts. I'm wondering if growing from 100 to 150 (or 200+) will help accelerate progression and offer stability. The idea of growing to build a down-tier raiding group that doesn't require me to MT and raid lead seems critical to building bench strength from within rather than running off to the Guild Recruitment forums looking for a server transfer every time one of our core raiders takes an extended break due to RL issues.

Some guilds seem to do fine with 30-40 members in their guild and there is no distinction. But, I'm not sure which methodology offers the better chance for long-term growth.

I want my guild to be successful on it's own, as an entity and without needing that one guy to be there (Apple's reliance on Steve Jobs comes to mind as a real-life example of what I don't want our guild to be).

Time Management for Raiding Guilds (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/guild-general/32593-time-management-raiding-guilds.html)

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So Question number one from me:

Right now in our guild we have a 100% attendance policy in place, if you cant make it 100% of the time you cant apply for a raider rank. The rule they have set in place now is that if you arent a raider you only recieve 50% dkp. I agree with rewarding raiders, but I dont think this system is fair to some of our long term members who fill in consistently but have families an what not an cant commit to the 100% attendance. This is especially true when raiders are allowed to sent the RL a pm sayin they arent going to be able to make it an recieve no type of deduction. Now we have dedicated guild members who refuse to even help out with raids due to this policy, which I think is well in their rights to say due to the 50% dkp rule.What is your thoughts on this?

Second Question:

Our guild tries to put forth this "casual/hardkore" type attitude. For me this is next to impossible. The Hardcore raiders usually hold things against the casuals, and the casuals cant stand the elitist attitudes from the hardcore individuals. In your opinion is it better to go one way or the other?

05-07-2008, 11:49 AM
I am the raid leader of my guild and i'm nervous about pushing through new content like hyjal or tk because I haven't been through those places or ever seen them first hand.

How do i go about finding information on these places to help progression.

We have two very well geared tanks, my self and a pally. And good healers. Where we lack is our DPS. Such that our dps is to low to get gruuls down.

But our members are very smart and very good. The strategies are there, and they can do them very well. And we have a solid 10 dps, its the last 5 where we lack.

Can we progress with this problem?