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05-06-2008, 09:17 AM
I am wondering what a good plan would be for moving into SSC TK and beyond for a guild just finishing Mag and Gruul. Since 2.4 changes and gear I am really looking for boss order to start working on. I was thinking of farming first 4 bosses out of SSC and fist3 bosses out of TK. Then after gearing up raid thru these bosses we move to BT for the first 3 bosses there..

Any specific information on boss order would be great....Thanks

05-06-2008, 11:49 AM
Easiest boss by far is High Astromancer Solarian, also the trash drops lots of nether vortexes.

So... the order
High Astromancer Solarian
Void Reaver
Lurker Below
Morogrim Tidewalker
Fathom Lord Karathress

Hydross can be frustrating. I have to agree it might teach discipline to your guild but I personally think it just drains time for little reward, but Im sure some folks in your guild will disagree and argue "zomg Hydross rocks and I need my <insert loot here>"

05-06-2008, 02:48 PM
My guild is a pretty casual raid guild (just now starting a 3rd night of 25mans in order to do farm content as well). This is our projected kill order - we are doing 5/6 SSC before we start in on TK just to optimize raid time - once we are 5/6 we should spend a night on Alar get him down and then never have to clear his trash just to wave as we pass by him for weeks.

Tidewalker (killed him on our 3rd attempt, and the 2nd real attempt was a pushover).
Void Reaver

I would say it is tempting to go after easier targets like VR or Solarian but there is a lot of trash to clear to get to them, you should pick SSC or TK first and get that zone mastered before splitting to the next zone.

Spend a night on hydross once you have the resist gear so you don't spend weeks clearing his trash and not one shotting him on your way by. Seriously he isn't that difficult.

Our strat that works like a charm (does require a prot pally though):

Mark the prot pally.

Frost Tank pulls Hydross. Dps Hydross.
Mark 3.5 stop dots.
Mark 4.5 stop dps and move across the line on top of the marked pally (ENTIRE RAID)
Mark 4.8 run Hydross to the nature resist tank.

Nature Tank grabs agro.
Frost Tank helps prot pally grab adds (remember adds all went straight to pally since the ENTIRE RAID is stacked on top of him) if any aren't on him.
Prot pally brings the adds to Hydross's feet and dps single targets one add down then AE's the rest splashing Hydross with damage.
Adds dead, DPS focuses on Hydross.
Mark 3.5 stop dots.
Mark 4.5 stop dps and move across the line on top of the marked pally (ENTIRE RAID)
Mark 4.8 run Hydross to the Frost Tank.

Repeat and win. The only caveat is you don't bring the Frost adds to Hydross's feet.

Our first Hydross kill was 9:50 when we didn't put the adds under hydross. Our second kill was 7:30 when we did with arguably a lesser geared raid.

05-06-2008, 04:03 PM
Thanks, (This is exactly what I was looking for)
Yea I am really looking to maximize our time spent to loot early. We are a young raiding guild and once we start hitting SSC and TK I am thinking the more sucess we can have early...the better for morale if that make sense.

05-06-2008, 05:22 PM
As for hydross, our guild uses tactic where both offtanks take 2 adds each and we just AoE them at the boss. Also we don't have whole raid moving over to different sides, although it can take couple wipes for people to understand what tank means by shouting "Stop DPS!" when he's moving the boss. Correctly timed HS+SS is enough for initial aggro to do the switch smoothly.

Our kill order on T5 content was: (I don't recommend this tho)
Void Reaver
FLK (killed him on second pull)
Leo (delayed this one bit to wait for warlock tank to get gear)

Next up we're focusing on Vashj and Kael before moving further into MH (second boss there is giving us some trouble)

05-07-2008, 01:05 AM
I agree that as bosses go Al'ar and VR are probably the easiest - however due to the design of TK (and al'ar's trash) you may find yourself with limited time to work on them. I think we went


But, in the last few weeks, after 2 kills of al'ar, we've focused almost entirely on SSC.

Nice thing about ssc, is even if you dont currently have the res tanks for hydross once lurker is down you can skip his trash (which is only 5 pulls) completely by going swimming.

05-07-2008, 01:48 AM
In my experience:
- Hydross if you have your resistance tanks as it is a very easy fight.
- Lurker as it makes it safe to swim past Hydross trash if you didn't kill him
- Leotheras is an easy fight if can gear up a fire resistance warlock
- Fathom Lord is a very easy fight
- Morogrim is probably the toughest before Vashj in SSC as it requires good coordination amongst healers if they get graved and AoE must be "on the ball"

- Al'ar is the most difficult of the three prior to Kael but worth doing as soon as possible to clear the trash
- Solarian is exceptionally easy if people don't blow each other up.
- VR has the worst trash of the three.