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05-06-2008, 08:20 AM
I have a question about tanking multiple mobs in 5 mans. I tried running magister's terrace last night and my group kept wiping on the trash caster mobs.

A typical pull would have me running up to the skull to do my shield bash/revenge/devastate rotation, but after about 5 seconds the non cc'd mobs would make a beeline to my healer. I'd run to them to taunt and regain agro, but then I would sometimes lose agro on the skull that everyone is focusing on. I was unable to use TC and demo shout because of the sap and sheep we had going on.

Anyone have any tips to make multi-mob tanking easier when TC and demo shout can't always be used?

05-06-2008, 10:53 AM
What sort of CC did you have?

I normally try to have at least 2 types of CC for heroic Mr T. I've also found having a priest for MC is very nice, they can control a warlock or mageguard and lay down some serious hurt on one mob while they control another. Throw in a sheep and a 5 mob pull is a 2 mob pull.

I wouldn't try tanking all 5 without CC, that sounds like a good way to taste floor over and over.

05-06-2008, 11:00 AM
Firstly in almost all situations there will be a way of moving the mobs, move them away from CC and thunderclap can be used safely. Dont forget corners are your best friend. Also its worth noting demoshout wont break CC (though its not great at holding aggro).

You cant just focus on the skull, you will need to cycle through the mobs you are tanking or as you say your healer will pull aggro.

Also learn which mobs are safe to leave untanked. Depending on your group the dps target may be fine to aggro a dps'r (it may not though!) which can make a massive difference to tanking the rest if you are really struggling.

Its not easy, but it is doable and one of the more enjoyable parts of tanking is getting it right.

05-06-2008, 11:41 AM
it pays to pick CC targets based on proximity so that u can safely TClap earlier. also shield reflect is a powerful tool for holding caster. a good example for both these are the 2 wretched packs before the 2nd boss. i assign a CC at the opposite end from the primary DPS target. i charge the primary target, immediately get a reflect up, switch to def stance, bloodrage and get in a tclap since it cant hit the CC, not being one of the 4 closest targets. after this its safe to pull back to the room and rotate abilities on the melee mobs, keeping taunt and stun available for emergencies.

05-06-2008, 11:52 AM
In most of the multi mob pulls there is a corner you can duck behind. So I prefer to aggro them, CC goes in, and you duck around the corner. If you watch you will see the warlocks & magisters casting and can put up your spell reflect, which gives you very nice threat on them.

My kill order is usually

CC magister + mage guard (Witch & etherial are also pains)
DPS kills imp if there is one
Any non-CC'd mobs like the warlock

05-06-2008, 03:37 PM
If you have a warlock with you, I've found that enslaving the succubi & using them as an off-tank works really well. Their seduce may only last for 6 seconds, but it isn't broken by damage, and they can dish out enough damage to hold agro and have enough hp to take a lot of damage. I've run my alt warlock through there many times, and she can easily tank a magister or warlock with just a little assistance (I usually just drop a Curse of Tongues and Immolate on them and go back to dpsing with the rest of the group). I then heal her and use her on the groups that don't have a succubus.

05-07-2008, 01:52 AM
Never hit Skull first unless its coming miles in front of the other mobs. My order of tanking is, with which i can tank about 4-5 mobs at once is, Shield slam one, devastate second, devastate third, Taunt skull(because it is on dps already), shield slam fifth and then concentrate on Skull with cleaves, Tclaps, demo shouts using block when its up.

I gotten a lot of positive comments from people i grouped with that my tanking style is similar to that of a paladin.

Oh, and one more thing, save rage between pulls, only use a 2 rage revenge to hold aggro on last mob standing, using taunt when you lose aggro.

05-07-2008, 05:44 PM
Tips for tanking Magister's Terrace:
1) Not all mobs need to be tanked completely. If my group is CC light, I don't normally tank Skull. Most cloth-wearing NPCs can be DPS'd fast enough to minimize damage before your Rogue/Hunter, etc. takes much at all. Couple this with the fact that the damage is magical anyway, so all that physical mitigation you have is already out the window (i.e., don't feel so bad about making a Hunter take a few shots).

This has the added advantage of allowing you plenty of time to build aggro on 2-3 other mobs while your DPS work on skull and you don't have to worry about "focusing" on skull to hold it.

(Generally what happens if you try to start on Skull is that your healer immediately has aggro on 2+ other casters. You then switch to "get them back" and in the process lose Skull anyway. Now your healer is healing himself, and you are right back where you would have been anyway -- not tanking Skull.)

2) CC Blood Knights and Mage Guards. Glaive Throw and Holy Light are your enemies and the antimagic shells are annoying as all get-out.

3) Enslave! Enslaving the Sisters and using them to OT takes two mobs out of the fight simultaneously. This trivializes some pulls.

4) Mind Control! MC Warlocks and use them to immolate DPS targets. Again, like Enslave, this effectively removes two mobs from combat. (Remember to deal with Mage Guards if MC'ing. Glaive Throw will break the priests hold on the mob.)

5) LOS! Use corners to pull casters, and CC far away so you can immediately Thunderclap when the pull arrives at you. Then start dishing out threat.

6) Spell reflect! Nice and easy way to generate threat on ranged mobs.

7) Maximize CC. Don't let the Warlock bitch his way out of Seducing or the spriest convince you that MC is "no good."