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05-05-2008, 02:13 PM

I am with this thread informing that we're currently looking for a few more scandinavian raiders.

Aurora Borealis is a guild founded on the early days of World of Warcraft opening, firstly we held together at the Daggerspine realm and are now a Grim Batol regular. We're having amazing progress at the moment, and we're very eager to work our way through Sunwell; with Kalecgos almost deaded. We are now looking for dedicated and ambitious reinforcements to venture with us into the new content, and hopefully also further ahead in the new expansion.

Our previous history involves every pre-tbc instance, AQ up to C'thun, early of Naxxramas, and everything the expansion has had to offer until the Sunwell, where we've only recently started progressing Kalecgos.

At the time being we're looking for the following classes and specs:

1 Protwarrior (above average requirements to ambition and activity)
1 Mage (above average requirements to experience and gear)
1 Warlock (above average requirements to experience and gear)
1 Holypriest (above average requirements to experience and gear)
1 Restoshaman (above average requirements to ambition and activity)

As with any other guild, we will ofcourse review great applications of any class, the list above is just stating what classes would be likely to get accepted at this point.

We're raiding wednesdays, thursdays, sundays and monday (hours being 19-23, sundays from 18-23), and have recently been able to reserve two of these days solely to Sunwell progression. Applicants are expected to have a minimum of 50% average attendance, whereas more is appreciated but not required. Our core raidgroup has an average of 75% attendance and we hope to get more raidhungry applicants as a result of this post.

We're semihardcore and proud of it. We do not push the limits of being hardcore, but our raids are progress oriented and theres no thing as dry runs, we come fully buffed for clearing farmcontent fast aswell as gaining the advantage needed in progresscontent. The guild environment is social and friendly, with an active ventriloserver with ppl logged on at all hours. More than 10 of our raiders also attended The Gathering08 together, bringing them even closer than what some people would prefer to be to our Shaman classleader :--D

For those who took the time, thank you for reading, and hopefully we'll see you in the recruitment section on our webpage which is recently back from maintenance - http://www.abguild.net

Best Regards,
Guild Master of Aurora Borealis