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05-03-2008, 06:59 PM
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I have off-tanked a little bit of Kara and I have done some heroics in the past. Still currently trying to get Suneater to drop, and somehow find a replacement for my shoulders. My green belt will be replaced tonight with the shatari one from the Arcatraz key quest. I do have some blue rings with stam/str/+resil or dodge, but using some tankage calculator's the green pure stam rings come out on top for tanking so I've been using those, but still would like to find some better Def ones. I know some of my gems are only +9 stam instead of +12, and that I have a couple non-optimal gems but those were only to make sure I hit my def caps or a good +hit bonus (and when I get better gear I'll pimp them out with all +12, but can't really afford to replace atm).

My question is are there any obvious cracks in my armor (no pun intended) other than what I've mentioned above, and how much more do I need to do a full clear of Kara. I have the opportunity coming up to be a Main Tank for all of Kara, so I'm a little worried.

I also have a question about holding hate on multiple mobs in Heroics, as I seem to be getting my arse handed to me (esp Shattered Halls and Sethekk Halls). How do I improve? I'm using SS > Rev > TC/Dev > SS > Rev > Devx2 > etc, and even trying to swap targets now and then for additional hate on 2nd and 3rd mobs, but only the primary mob wants to stay on. Is this because I'm running with people that have too much DPS, is my TPS too low, or do I just suck?

I also know my Prot build is not totally optimal for Raids, but it's something I put together in an attempt to improve my Heroic runs, and haven't yet been able to test it out. If I move up to MT, then I will place more points into the protection tree for sure, and I don't think I need any help in that department ... unless somebody sees something wrong in my Heroic run build theory.

Thank you very much for any help in advance.

05-05-2008, 12:03 AM
Bump. Can anybody give me a once over for gear rating on anything after the first 5 bosses of Kara to a full clear?

05-05-2008, 01:43 AM
Self bumps are kinda frowned upon....

The best upgrades outside of kara for you are badge gear, badge gear, badge gear! Also advisable to run heroics that actually drop an epic that you can use.

I can tell you though, that sun eater has an absolutely terrible drop rate. I'm quite certain that i ran well over 25 runs thru hero mech with no drop. It wasn't until i gave up on it and just happened to run it for the daily that it dropped.

The new badge chest and legs have Huge amounts of defense which will allow you to stack stam and threat stats in other slots.

Re: Shattered Halls... Really a true test for a warrior tank. The key for that instance for me is to make sure to bring lots of CC, spam TC and demo shout between your focused rotation (remember that your TC can only hit 4 targets so repositioning to get TC on all your targets is helpful), and make sure that people target you and then pick up your target off your Target of Target. Also aoe fear rotations are really nice in there, as long as you kite them back far enough to not agro the next mobs.

You should not be losing second and third target to heals, so if you are losing them, its because dps is on the wrong target.

Re: spec. For 5 mans Heroics and Kara W/O another warrior; Lose iron will, and anger management. Get your last point in improved sunder. the other two points should be put in improved sheld bash (Crucial for interrupts). Once you go full raid spec for main tank. You will probably have someone else handling Demo shout. those points would be better served in improved shield wall. Can't tell you how many times that has saved me when I just didnt have enough Hot's on me during a silence.

Otherwise it looks like you are on the right track. Gear looks decent. Not kara MT ready, but close. And aside from the three talent points I mentioned for 5 mans, your spec looks pretty solid too.