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04-30-2008, 11:44 AM
First off i would liek to say this....

i adopted this warrior from a family member when he was in blues/KZ epics 1 month ago... i am now in BT progression etc, so u will notice the mix of gear.

To start off the seriousness here is my armor:
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Executus&n=Klynx)
( things i say here are without buffs although armory may show with)
I have chosen to drop alot of parry do to the haste effect of bosses...( good or bad? )
i run around 32% raid buffed dodge with mongoose up..

Block goes up to 103% so its enough for uncrushable...

I am waiting on alot of gear... u will see the gaps.... from my shield to my trinket.. etc.

I ned to know what i am looking to do by myself or 5 mans that would help me out.. even look at my spec, please let me know if i am doing anything wrong, I average around 1.2k-1.4k TPS depending on conditions. Am i useing the right gems? or do u need to be useing hybrid gems... i really don't know that much about warriors at the moment... but i am pretty knowledgeable of this game in general.. i know the basics.. and i need the pros to tell me wtf to do. I am the most under geard raiding tank in my guild, but i put out 300-500 tps more then others, Why? i dont know... i use all the buttens avail to me.. Devastate/Shield Slam/Shield Block/Revenge/ Heroic strike are constantly spammed, if you have any usefual macors or anything... please post them and let me know. ( i am currently useing the Revenge/Shieldblock macro.

Thank you

04-30-2008, 01:17 PM

anyone ?

04-30-2008, 01:38 PM
Try to change the Iron-Tusk belt for the new badge belt, and get the Autoblocker from badges too. The BoE ring you should try to replace it with the TK Trash ring

Regarding parry, i think it's the other way around, if you parry an attack from the boss, you'll get a counterstrike.

04-30-2008, 02:45 PM
Yes. You want a high parry rating. The only reason you'd drop parry is if you were worried about getting rage-starved (ie, not getting hit for a streak, so you can't use any abilities because you have no rage).

The reason you are putting out so much TPS is because you are undergeared. The less gear you have, the more damage you take. The more damage you take, the more rage you get when you're hit. The more rage you get, the more you can use Heroic Strike.

For non-raid upgrades you can get easily:
1) Brooch of Deftness for 35 badges. Expertise is a tank's best friend.
2) Girdle of the Fearless for 75 badges (2.4 vendor).
3) The two trinkets from Heroic Magister's Terrace (Commendation of Kael'thas and Shard of Contempt). Your shield block rating trinket is largely useless unless you're building a passive uncrush set...Commendation for progression fights, Shard of Contempt for farm status fights. You may also want to get the Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600 for trash clearing, but the shard is better and doesn't take badges.

Edit to add: Just looked at your spec. The only problem I see with it is that you have 2/2 Improved Taunt and 2/2 Improved Bloodrage, but 0/3 Improved Sunder. Imp Sunder also effects the cost of Devastate, so it's considered a must-have talent. I would get rid of imp taunt (most bosses are untauntable anyway), and drop a point in Imp Bloodrage, to get 3/3 imp sunder.

If you're tanking a lot of magic damage, you may want to consider dropping a point from Imp Heroic Strike and getting 3/3 Imp Defensive Stance. Since you're pulling so much threat right now anyway, increasing your survivability a bit may help you there.

Lastly, for more mitigation you could consider speccing out of a few of those arms points or Imp Defensive Stance for Imp Demo Shout...but only if no other warriors in your guild have it.

04-30-2008, 06:04 PM
thanks alot dudes! and ye ih ave the neck peice... andi ll work on the upgrades from the new badges