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04-30-2008, 05:20 AM
We are currently working on tidewalker and we have a prot pally in the raid to pick up the adds.

currenlty we have him stand by the healer group and whack a consecrate down when the adds come in to try and save the healers, trouble is he dosent always get them all and the healer looking after the dps group gets agro.

We tried to get him to use a heal to grab agro as suggested on some tactics (after a moan about not having enough mana left for concecrate he reluctanly tried) but that failed miserably and wiped the raid , can anyone confirm the best way for the Pally to deal with this phase of the fight.

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04-30-2008, 08:49 AM
Have you pally drop any threat reducing buffs and do alot of healing right after a earthquake. The rest of your healers need to watch their threat during this time. It also helps to have him stand away from the healers and the rest of the raid normally out of earthquake range. Also tell your healers not to put in PoM or Lifebloom after a earthquake or right before so nobody draws aggro.

Our pally tank normally just heals the WG folks as they are running back then drops a big heal on the lowest person right as the murlocs come running in. Once they are on him the spams concencrate. He also has someone healing him during this time who has salv.

05-01-2008, 06:29 AM
All you need to do:

1. Salv everyone but you and the MT
2. BoL + Amp Magic + Fel Armor on a token warlock
3. Move yourself, token warlock, and a healer or two (can even take grave healers) out of range of his earthquake + watery grave
4. Warlock lifetaps to under 2k health
5. Earthquake happens, heal warlock with 3-4 holy lights, but make sure no raid healing happens while murlocs are loose (only MT healing, healing on you, and you healing the warlock)
6. Toss consecrate when murlocs reach you. 2-3 secs after the 2nd group reaches you, call for AoE
7. Profit

NOTE: when globules start happening, everyone runs to his feet. Have the warlock lifetap down to 8k this time (earthquake will drop him some more). Repeat the same process.

Video (a bit boring): YouTube - Fahrenheit vs. Morogrim Tidewalker (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi9s_z9pNTk)

Globules occur somewhere around 7mins 30secs I think