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04-29-2008, 04:49 PM
Hey, we ususally have three tanks on void reaver standing on top of each other, so if one gets knocked away, void reaver does not move when switching the tank.
But today, I got parry gibbed 3 tries in a row. of course, bad luck with no avoidance and only crushings helped. but still, here is the parse from one:

The parries:
21:35'45.468 Thaer's Swing parried by Void Reaver
21:35'46.250 Morgonnash's Heroic Strike parried by Void Reaver
21:35'47.000 Thaer's Devastate parried by Void Reaver
21:35'48.328 Morgonnash's Devastate parried by Void Reaver

The result:
(shield block comes up)
21:35'45.781 Void Reaver's Swing hits Morgonnash for 2717 Physical damage (477 blocked)
21:35'46.781 Void Reaver's Swing hits Morgonnash for 3318 Physical damage (477 blocked)
21:35'47.406 Void Reaver's Swing hits Morgonnash for 5705 Physical damage (crushing)
21:35'49.000 Void Reaver's Swing hits Morgonnash for 5565 Physical damage (crushing)
21:35'50.781 Void Reaver's Swing hits Morgonnash for 4103 Physical damage (crushing)
(I die)
So he got himself hasted approximately 100%, since his attack speed while thunder clapped is pretty close to 2sec. I know, eating 5 hits in a row is bad luck, but still the 100% attack speed increase did hurt. Is there any way to prevent this? I am already sitting at ~130 expertise, but since 3 tanks (2 warrs 1 paladin) are standing in front of him parries DO happen a lot.

we tried having the tanks currently not holding aggro standing behind him, but then if he turns around after a knockback, all melee hit right in his face and we have parry issues again.

any ideas?

04-29-2008, 05:00 PM
Tank him in a triangle or get more expertise rating.

____ Tank 1
tank 2____rogues.

This way only one tank is infront of him at any given time. Use rogues and druids to figure out the relational standing... basically what you're aiming for is to be as close to beside him as you can get and still be "behind" him as far as the game is concerned.

Your third and fourth tanks would stand with #2, And when #1 got punted shift to where #1 stands. You kind of play musical chairs but that way you ensure that there's only one tank to parry 99% of the time.

Stacking Expertise rating is easier, tho, 'cause then you can just dogpile on each other like you've been doing. :) Plenty of it on badge gear and if you're doing VR you should be doing lurker for a shot at the mallet.

04-29-2008, 05:05 PM
Duh. stupid me for not figuring this out, thanks a lot for the advice. And yes, that's exactly what my gear is, all expertise from badges and mallet. So I don't see any way to stack more. But the triangle thingy is exactly what we need.