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04-29-2008, 11:25 AM
First of all a big thanks to all the regular forums contributors for threads like this. I'm a former hunter reroll and would be totally clueless without a resource like this. Keep up the good work! /tear

Anyway, here's my current gear:

70 Orc Warrior (http://www.warcrafter.net/sandbox/54318) (logging out in farm gear ftl)

We've just started out on a very serious push to clear ZA. I've fallen into the MT spot so I'm really trying to optimize gear the best I can. My chest is the DPS piece from heroic Noob'thas and is the weakest point of my set. I've been planning on getting the 2.4 piece ASAP but just ran across the S2 chest as an alternative so Badges can be spent on a Girdle of the Fearless or Sunguard Legs.

S2 chest: +18 stam / 24 resil / 14 hit / 35 crit
2.4 chest: +12 stam / +51 def / +34 dodge / +39 bv

The real question:

The 2.4 chest is obviously a HUGE upgrade, but the S2 chest is a significant EH upgrade. I'm under the impression that 24 resilience is approx. equal to 15 defense... is my math right? Should I just go for the gold and get the Chestplate of Stoicism or is the pvp piece enough of an upgrade to go for the belt or legs?

Thanks guys.

04-29-2008, 11:38 AM
If the content that you are doing right now is ZA, then the S2 BP is fine for that and I would go with a more threat oriented piece like the 2.4 waist or legs depending on what you have in those slots already. Threat pieces will be better in the long run if you aren't having survival issues in ZA -- threat will let your dps burn harder on those boss fights.

Just my opinion though.