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04-29-2008, 09:40 AM
Okay, so you're rolling an Alliance Warrior and you don't know which race will be the most beneficial under your circumstances. At this point however, you have narrowed your choices down to Human or Draenei, each for their bonus to Expertise/Hit, but which will be more beneficial? Here's the answer.

The gist of it: Draenei's give 1% to every member of their party. Humans don't give 5 Expertise skill to everyone else in their party. At best, the 5 Expertise will still only be 2.5% more DPS for a single player.

The Math...

Assuming that a Rogue has 68% of their damage from Auto Attacks*, and they are not Hit Capped (You go ahead and try to find me a Rogue who is not currently hit capped, or who is, and whose other stats could not benefit from an extra 1% hit). So basically, an extra percent of hit for them would be a .68% DPS increase. Recognizing that, per usual, a Fury or Slam Warrior is probably only going to be doing around 1600 DPS on the T6 gear level and a Rogue will probably be doing around 2100 DPS on that gear level, we can start to see how an extra .68% DPS for only one Rogue will be an extra 14.3 DPS whereas an extra 5 Expertise for a DPS Warrior will be an extra 40 DPS at best, and 6.6 DPS at worst**. Averaging 40 and 6.6 we come out with 5 Expertise being an extra 23.3 DPS. Using pretty much the same assumptions for the 1% Hit Draenei racial, we figure out that its average DPS increase ends up netting (16 + 5.28) / 2 = 10.6 DPS. Last I checked 10.6 + 14.3 is an extra 24.9 DPS.

So what we're finding is this: With just one Rogue in a Draenei DPS Warrior's party, on average, the raid will be doing an extra 24.9 DPS, in comparison to an extra 23.3 DPS from an averaged 5 Expertise Skill on a DPS Warrior. Okay, so yeah, 1.6 DPS is relatively marginal, but what's being left out is the fact that with just one more Rogue in the group, the raid is gaining another 13.3 DPS, meaning our Draenei Warrior will be bringing an extra 38.2 DPS to the raid in comparison to the Human Warrior's 23.3 DPS. With only two Rogues in their party, a Draenei Warrior is going to be around 64% more effective DPS-wise than a Human Warrior, go figure. Go ahead and assume that the other two party members can benefit from the 1% Hit bonus, and I really don't need to continue with my math, allowing me to go to sleep T.T.

*Takkara - WWS (http://wowwebstats.com/15t6zmnwgtplo?s=5562-5756&a=2)
**This is assuming that a DPS Warrior is doing 33% of their DPS from Auto Attacks. Nightmayr - WWS (http://wowwebstats.com/15t6zmnwgtplo?s=5562-5756&a=47)

Why did I bother doing all this? Because somebody was fucking wrong on the internet.
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04-29-2008, 09:49 AM
In terms of Human vs. Draenei tanking racials, for Sunwell at least, I would highly recommend selecting a Draenei Warrior over a Human due to the inherent DPS increase coupled with the fact that the hardest hitting boss(es) in Sunwell do not "parry gib". The more DPS you are able to bring to your raid, the more effective your raid will be. This is obviously most prevalent in the DPS-heavy Sunwell instance, but clearly makes sense in other settings.

Overall however, for tanking in Sunwell, I would actually recommend a Night Elf Warrior due to the entire percent of Dodge their racial awards them. 1% of Dodge, as I'm sure everyone is aware, is theoretically 1% less incoming DPS. As, although an extra 60 or 70 DPS (or whatever it is the Draenei's racial will end up maxing out at) can certainly be beneficial in Sunwell, more often than not, your guild will be wiping because your tanks die and not because your DPS is pathetic.

04-29-2008, 12:04 PM
Brutallus doesn't gain parry haste, and I'm not sure if Sarcolash does (didn't seem like it when I tried). Kalecgos (dragon) and Felmyst I know do gain parry haste.

04-29-2008, 09:04 PM
Fixed FM and Kal. Someone go ahead and mention something when it's figured out whether or not Confoundocunt Parry Hastes, and if it's already been posted, well, shame on me, I'm obviously too lazy to have properly checked whether or not all of Sunwell's bosses gain Parry Haste.

04-30-2008, 08:34 AM
Given the fact that i got myself some Sunwell Gear now, i'm pretty happy with my draenei. There's just so much expertise on most of the new T6 (and random) items that stacking expertise is fairly easy, but hit chance is still rare and i find it hard to reach hit cap without loosing too much avoidance, like being able to tank through felmysts corrosion while hit capped (at the moment, tps in normal avoidance gear is high enough to get the job done, but our dps'ers gear will improve soon and so will their dps).