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04-26-2008, 11:54 AM
Ok, so still fairly new in my current guild been... hmm I think three weeks now? They've slowly given me more and more responsibility... this week was my first time on Vashj (they've been getting her down for a few weeks now). I did well on picking up Vashj on Phase 1 if the MT got rooted... and with picking up any Nagas.

SO, they wanted me try picking up Tainted Cores and throwing them up to a healer at the top of the steps. First time I got turned around and ended up going east instead of west but booked my butt way to the other side and still didn't get behind - we had other issues with other people trying new jobs out as well though so on to try 2...

My main issue is I feel like it's taking me forever to get to the freakin core and when I get to the right side... it still ends up being WAY north or WAY south or whatever from where I end up (I literally will go straight west, north, south, east). Now another tank that has had this job for a while seems to have no issues with everyone's directions... why am I having such a hard time finding the cores? I did consider maybe it could be my settings that i'm not able to see it from too far away or something.... i dunno :-/

But I hate not being able to do something that one of the other tanks is making look easy -_-

04-26-2008, 01:04 PM
I think you would loose so much time with that technique. Just have however killed the tainted to throw it to the healer, who throws it to the designated catcher/s in the middle.

Have the naga dps group deal with any leaking elementals. My instructions to this dps group (usually 3 melee) is that leaking elementals are a higher priority than the naga. We usually move into phase 3 with only 2-3 naga alive and just have the raid nuke them whilst I build some solid threat on Vashj.

---- just something to consider ----

04-26-2008, 01:26 PM
Well... like I said i'm new, and don't really feel like I can tell them what to do anyway. I have no idea who's even killing the elementals... that does make more sense to have them throw it unless they're having ranged kill them...

I just talked to one of our healers about it and I tried to explain what was going on... she said it seemed like I kept going the wrong way which i did like twice but after that whenever I went directly to where I was told it ended up being NW, SW, etc, etc...

But again... one of the other tanks had no issues doing this. As got talking to her though she said he would run to where the healer is standing and go from there? I wonder who the hell is killing those things? You don't think the healers...??