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04-22-2008, 02:29 PM
For those of us that cannot reach 25 man raids yet. Which would you prefer to tank with? I am currently using The Sun Eater. I'm not logged on to WoW right now, but if I can recall i have 22-23% dodge, 18-19% parry, 22-23% block. What I had in mind was the King's Defender. Sacrificing a little avoidance for the hit rating is something I can surely use. Some may disagree. Just earlier this morning I walked into an AV, thinking I'd probably end up tanking Drek/Galv, there was another warrior who was tanking with Bladefury (for those of us who don't know that's the final weapon in Swordsmith that's one-handed). Now, I have only 36 measly hit rating. More would be a lot better because you aren't getting any threat if you can't hit noting right? Seems to be my problem in some cases. What I really like about the Bladefury is the +10 dps compared to The Sun Eater. I mean, it doesn't have as much avoidance as The Sun Eater or King's Defender, but I really think that the DPS --> threat and the marginal agility it comes with would well replace what it cannot offer like the other two tank weapons, BUT I am not sure wtf to do. I am a swordsmith and do have Executioner. Was hard enough to do already. Farming 5 vortexes in my situation is near impossible without me having to buy them.

200G x 5..... is it worth it or am I better off with The Sun Eater and/or King's Defender (which never, EVER drops for me)? Other people's consent on this would be appreciated.

~forgot to mention this also. I would say I lean more towards the "avoidance" tank rather than the all out "threat generator" tank. My block value is at 367 right now. A few more BOJ and should hit near 500.

Grakzul Slaughtbringer
04-23-2008, 02:19 AM
I would put some 8hit gems (2 for example, maybe 3) on my yellow sockets (ie on the Gyrobalanced Khorium Destroyer, or on a chest).
Don't be afraid of loosing some dodge, if you can improve your hit rating you will tank with more fun than now. (and more efficiency for sure).

With this in mind you can keep your Sun Eater and still wait for the KD :)