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04-22-2008, 10:49 AM
Please share your ZA Bear Mount Runs Tips and Tricks!!!

This thread is intended to share tips on clearing trash effectively and quickly...and tips on preventing boss wipes and effecient boss kills.

Please do not brag about how much time you had left on the clock, how few healers you had, how awesome your DPS was, how Prot Pallies make it easy mode.....because NOBODY CARES. Feel free to share what Tanks you use and any Tank tips though! :)

Here's my tips:

- Go Eagle -> Bear -> DragonHawk -> Lynx

- On Eagle boss: Turn ON your ambient sound and turn OFF your game sound effects and music. Listen for the "raining sound", colapse onto the tank when you hear the rain coming. BossMod timers seem to be very unreliable.

- On Bear trash, you can have your Druid use Soothe Beast on the first 2 bears and sneak by them.

- On DragonHawk trash: Shadowpriest MCing the flame casters is good, or have the Mage just spam polymorph on them. Also, have the mage spellsteal their haste buff.

- On DragonHawk trash: You can skip 2 patrols, if needed.

- On DragonHawk trash: Everyone should assist in looking out for roaming scouts. Have your Warrior count down his charge/intercept, followed immediately by a Druid root and ranged DPS.

- On DragonHawk boss: If you have a Prot Pally, you can hatch entire sides of eggs at a time and AOE them quickly.

- On DragonHawk boss: If you do NOT have a Prot Pally, it is preferred to only hatch 1/2 of the eggs on each side at a time. Have your DPS start burning the DragonHawks as soon as they start hatching.

- On Lynx trash: You can skip 2 patrols, but it can be faster to kill the croc patrol if he's in a bad position.

- On Lynx boss: Have your DPS make macros to target the totems. " /target Corrupted "

- On Lynx boss: Have your off-tank make a macro to target the Spirit of the Lynx and taunt quickly. " /target Spirit of the Lynx "

- On Lynx boss: Do not switch DPS to the Spirit of the Lynx, stay on the boss. Raid de-bebuffs (Curse of Shadows, Shadow Vulnerability, Imp Scorch, etc.) are already applied to the boss, so make use.

- Everyone flask, food buff, weapon oils, etc...before the event starts. Every little bit helps and makes the run go faster/smoother.

- Tanks should have macros/addons that mark targets quickly at the press of a button.

- After each boss kill, everyone (especially tanks and healers) need to mount up quickly and start setting up the next pull. Don't wait for the entire raid to show up, as soon as you have enough tanks/healers/dps to clear the amount of trash...go ahead and pull.

- Establish loot rules so you don't waste time. We loot our badges then mount to the next pull, greed for DE, need if you want it, pass if you dont. Once you're finished or the time ran out you can go open the cages and get timed loots. Before the run starts, discussing potential loot and who it will go to can prevent arguements/discussions that can waste time.

04-22-2008, 11:03 AM
thanks. weve been working on this and ive been looking for ways to shave time off the first 2 wings especially. im curious about class make-up. we normally have something like:
2 prot warriors
2 rogues
2 mages
2 healers (priest/pally)
1 hunter
1 ele shaman

the lack of a spriest is hurtin us, but im not sure how badly. we will probably also try a prot pally for one of the tank spots.

04-22-2008, 11:11 AM
Excellent post, thanks for the information about sneaking by the bears before Bear boss.

04-22-2008, 11:12 AM
also, what are good benchmark times for the 4 bosses? i want to know which part we need to work on.

04-22-2008, 12:36 PM
also, what are good benchmark times for the 4 bosses? i want to know which part we need to work on.

I am also interested in this.

04-22-2008, 12:44 PM
The only timer I ever really watch for anymore is post DHawk. >=15 minutes and we can make it. Any less is a stretch.

Typical comp:
1 Prot Warr
1 Feral Druid
1 Enhance Shaman
2 Rogues
1 Holy Paladin
1 Resto Shaman
1 SPriest
1 Mage
1 Warlock

2 Prot warriors is a big headache. You short yourself the DPS you need to complete the run in the allotted time.
Our holy paladin actually tanks the DHawks
The SPriest is pretty big. 2 Shaman = 2 Heroism = Huge.

This is from a T6 geared perspective. Our DPS is pretty damned good and getting to Lynx with 2-3 minutes left is more than enough (we wiped last time due to stupidity and got close on the timer... still made it - barely.)

04-22-2008, 12:47 PM
on my last run, timer after bear was at 30 min, and after dhawk it was around 17-20, forget exactly. i'll try to jot down exact numbers if i go tonight.

04-23-2008, 03:51 AM
Not yet there on the 4. box, missing 2-3 minutes due to not having end t5/t6 dps.

- After first entering and killing them, jump on grass and mount up

- Eagle : have the priest ride in and MC the lookout, gives you a max possible 1 minute window of no hawks/warriors

- Eagle : As soon as you can, let one tank grab the tempest even if he has 1 more mob on him for ranged to burn down. Less warriors from behind to burn later.

- Eagle : Don't go very far from the platform but spread out. Even if you miss a storm warning then you can move fast to the person and it won't be a wipe.

- Eagle->Bear : Instead of killing the pat, mount up jump down the ledge from eagle(zig-zag) and ride near the stairs back to entrance and down the other way. Get close to the plat where the 3 are up there.

- Bear : If you have a druid (even if his resto) let him feral fire one of the 3 adds up there, they will not run the full way around and jump down. If you can't get agro off the 3 when his resto, let him stay bear until his free.

- Bear : if you can amp magic the caster dps/tanks/healers and evocate. Still pull as soon as healers/tanks ready

- Hawk : After his dead, (if you want to) have the shaman waterwalk everyone.

- Hawk -> Lynx : Ignore the pat and go on the stairs to HLM, pull the cats there (wont agro pat there)

- Lynx : waterwalk can avoid the croc pat, doesn't save a lot of time but if the pat is far from star you can mount run til almost end.

- Lynx : You can ignore the 2 side groups before the boss area.

- Lynx : Sheep pull the flame caster or MC him, tank behind a corner and pull the pat when it passes.

Also, as soon as the boss drops everyone mounts up and don't bother looting and go for the next boss ASAP. The full timed run for a mount lasts max 45 minutes. Boss stays for atleast an hour so you will get your badges/items later. As soon as there is a tank+healer's who can start the next trash pack, start it. Healers take turns drinking if need be and don't be afraid to burn mana pots on even trash packs (Shaves off ~10s of normal drinking).

Oh err... and if you really want to max out the speed (less drinking) get Dark Runes or Demonic Runes to regain mana for the casters/healers, sure it's a health hit but a small heal costs ~10-20x less than the mana gained from it.

Edit: Forgot this

- Trash pats : If you have a rogue, you can try to distract them so the raid can get past. Losing one dps for ~10s vs killing a pat for 1 minute. Heard about it, but we don't have a rogue in our group

also, most of the trash there doesn't hit so hard, so the OT could slap on mostly DPS gear for the ride, and swap in tank gear for bear riders, nalorakk. Might be different with a warrior/druid MT tho.

04-23-2008, 04:47 AM
Approximate times:
Zul'Aman timed event - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (http://www.wowwiki.com/Zul'Aman_timed_event)

Consumables for tank:
1 defensive, 1 offensive, or two offensive, gift of arthas and major agility are my choice. Scrolls of protection are +300 armor and dont take elixir spot.

* Take path along the wall on Dhawk trash.

* Do not kill flamecaster/trainer pat after Dhawk, go kill lynxes on the left side, and jump thru the 4 windows of 2 houses.

* Use battle shout for everything but Bear phase on bear boss and Lynx phase on Lynx boss.

04-24-2008, 06:59 AM
Here's a good video on how to skip a lot of the Lynx trash.

Mistaken's How To get a Bear Mount Pt 5
YouTube - Mistaken's How To get a Bear Mount Pt 5 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccCCZwNbedY&feature=related)

Part 1-5 are very informative too. Very nice vidoes with commentary/tips along the way.

04-24-2008, 10:12 AM
""- Bear : If you have a druid (even if his resto) let him feral fire one of the 3 adds up there, they will not run the full way around and jump down. If you can't get agro off the 3 when his resto, let him stay bear until his free.""

Any clarification on what they do?

"- On Bear trash, you can have your Druid use Soothe Beast on the first 2 bears and sneak by them"
by going behind them (ie between them and the next pair) or in front of them - can't remember off hand exactly where they are in relation to the doorway.

04-24-2008, 12:58 PM
"- On Bear trash, you can have your Druid use Soothe Beast on the first 2 bears and sneak by them"
by going behind them (ie between them and the next pair) or in front of them - can't remember off hand exactly where they are in relation to the doorway.

When starting the bear trash....

first three trolls are called down, kill those.
then there will be those 2 bear adds just sitting there....Soothe Beast on the closest one, and then hug the left side wall and sneak past them....

Be careful because it seems to get resisted a lot...if your druid has any +spell hit gear, I would advise equiping that before using Soothe Beast....it will cost you 1-2 minutes if you get a resist.

04-24-2008, 10:48 PM
""- Bear : If you have a druid (even if his resto) let him feral fire one of the 3 adds up there, they will not run the full way around and jump down. If you can't get agro off the 3 when his resto, let him stay bear until his free.""

Any clarification on what they do?

If you feral fire one of the 3 adds (first pack near Nalorakk) you force them to jump down not run around on the stairs and you can shave off ~20s. Has to be fast just like a MC on the lookout on eagle.

07-27-2008, 04:04 PM
Ok, before i begin ill cover some basic questions.

+ If you really want the chest you should only think about bringing two real healers and get another dps class in there to speed up the boss kills. One less healer should give you 2+ mins on each boss, meaning you will have 11+ mins after dragonhawk and not 5.

+ (1) Group loot everything, don't waste any time deliberating over loot.
(2) Chain pull, meaning the next group should be coming before the last one is dead.
(3) Don't even bother looting your badge off the dragonhawk, you can get it after.

if people have to drink, you probably aren't geared enough for ZA. Mana pots are nice. Healers should never really have to drink, except maybe for 5 seconds before you pull a boss.

Now for the group makeup.

Tank - Warrior
DPS - Enhance Shaman
DPS - rogue
DPS - rogue
DPS - Warlock

Healer - Druid
Healer - Paladin
DPS / Battery - ShadowPriest
Tank - Paladin
DPS - Mage

Eagle Trash
For the trash, we will kill Windwalker first. The tanks will move to the 2nd group while picking up the first group. They tank all 4 mobs while we blow down the first Windwalker. We then blow up the 2nd Windwalker. We wait for birds then aoe/kill the birds. Everyone stand pass Paladin tank so the warriors from behind gets picked up by Paladin with his consecrate. Once enough birds are down we move to the 3rd group. We kill Windwalker then aoe. Then kill birds. Rinse and repeat until you pull the tempest.

• Kill order is Windwalker > Birds > AoE everything else. Single target whatever the lowest mob is. Once at Tempest, kill him immediately.
• Classes with no AoE should single in the kill order above.
• Stand pass Sciphite’s consecrate so the warriors from behind is picked up. Tanks having to chase them because you aggro them is not good. Just stack up on the pally tank.
• Do not AoE wildly. When birds are incoming make sure they are picked up before you AoE.

Go to the top and drink. DO NOT DRINK ON THE STAIRS. I will usually call the tank to pull even when people are drinking. If you are drinking on the stairs you will be locked out. Drink at the top, inside the flame door. So when we pull you’re still inside.

Eagle Boss:
For the eagle boss, I let Paladin tank the boss since im a prot warrior would do more dps than Paladin can. I believe Druid healer is in charge of hotting the people who gets fall damage and Paladin healer heals the melee.

For the collapse announcement, I turn off my sound effects and TURN ON my ambient noise to full. Whenever I hear raining I call for collapse. This happens every time and is more accurate than DBM.

I don’t usually remember how much on the timer is left since I pay more attention to bear boss timer.

Bear Trash:
No drink breaks even after eagle boss is down.

For bear trash you need to kill medicine man > axe thrower > anything else. Medicine man usually wouldn’t require a tank but tanks should try to throw a taunt/threat on it just incase.

I usually make the prot pally tank multiple mobs while the warrior tank stays in dps gear. Once skull is dead, the Prot warrior marks up the next target to kill. Once we are down to the last mob, I (warrior) taunt the last mob off the pally and pally to go pull the next pack. Tank it all until the dps is ready to DPS skull.

Idea is the pally tanks everything. I taunt the last target because i want the pally to go pull first because he can hold aggro on multiple mobs better. warrior can taunt skull off and kill em.

We wiped plenty of times on the bear mobs trash. Usually through miscommunication. Tanks need to pick up their bears and keep aggro on it. Don’t be a hero and try to pick up a loose axe thrower or medicine man. Those can be burned down pretty quick. Those bear hurts and will kill you if you go commando and turn your back to the bear.

Bear Boss:
I make the best geared tank on bear phase. That’s usually me while Paladin tanks human phase. I usually tell Enhance shammy to drop grace of air for the bear phase tank since they do take a lot of damage. WF for human phase, GoA for bear phase would be ideal. Druid throws a HoT on people who gets charged while Paladin focus on melee/tank.

We usually finish bear with 29mins left on the the timer.

Dragonhawk trash:
You guessed it, no drink breaks.

Kill order: Scouts > Flame Casters> Anything else

If there are two flame casters, I will just get everyone to sunlock it. If there is one flame caster, we just burn him down first. We usually don’t have to CC. Sissy Blood Elves and Cows need to throw down their racials whenever there’s a flame caster. Arcane Torrent and Warstomp are godly.

The single scout on the mout: kill him, stun him, root him, etc. Hunters should not send their pet in or else it’ll aggro the group behind him.

The group with 5 mobs and the lil dragonhawk is the go or break pack. We had that group evaded on us and reset on us. If you can have the feral druid root the scout instead of charging it. Scout > Flame caster > dragon hawk > anything else.

Watch out for scouts coming out of the hut. They will take a few seconds to move when they spawn so you have more than enough time to react to them when they spawn.

For the last group right before Dragonhawk, there will be two flame casters. The paladin tank will run in first and tank them all on the stairs. Same kill order as always.

Dragonhawk boss:
I will tank the boss right in the middle of the map. Imagine the boss is in the middle of a clock and we are the numbers. Everything should spread out around the boss. No one should be in front of you, no one should be behind you. No more than 2 people should be getting hit by flame breath.

We kill the right hatcher and let the left hatcher hatch. We have the pally tank the left side first. Shamans can throw down earthbind too. No one should be standing near Paladin tank or on the bridge.

I usually tell the warlocks to SEED, SEED, and yes MORE SEED on the birds due to their long cast and the mages, all other dps on boss burn down the birds AS THEY COME OUT. Most birds usually dies before they even reach Paladin tank. By the time the entire side hatch, most of the birds are already dead. At this time, we either kill the hatcher or let him run to the otherside where we continue to kill birds.
For bombs, it might be hard to see it on top of the frost trap. Do not use the excuse “I can’t see anything.” If you can’t see anything then move to somewhere you can. Or stack up on someone else. There is absolutely no excuse that will justify you taking bomb damage.

We usually finish with 16mins left. The minimum time required for us to clear lynx trash is 13mins. We always tend to fail when we have 12mins left usually by a min.

Lynx Trash:
Our group DOES NOT take the Lynx shortcut. It might save us from pulling 3 pack of mobs. but we lost to much time avoiding pats etc. I’m guessing we lose a minute or two trying to avoid the pats? So everyone has been very good with stacking on the paladin. for you who do not know the shortcut, The shortcut involves jumping through Huts. Cows will need to use deviate fish or shapeshift to something else to make jumping throw windows easier.

Once pass this part, you will see yourself on the passage way to the beast tamers. The first pull is a beast tamer and two crocs. Kill the crocs first as they will be sent to kill a random raid member. A raid member will be MC. Priest needs to dispel, shaman needs to purge and apparently hunters can use arcane shot. Just make sure your arcane shot wont’ kill them before you use it.

For the invisible cat pull, send in Paladin tank to pick up all the cats. No buffing should happen during this time or else you’ll aggro the cats. Once Paladin tank picks it up, Mark one with a Skull and burn it. Once skull is dead we move to the next target and then the next. After the first mob or two is dead AoE is welcomed to AoE. Rinse and repeat.

Lynx’s room: everyone should get inside and move to the left or right. If you stand in the doorway, you will aggro the pat that walks around Lynx’s room. Kill flamer casters, handlers and guardians. Remember to warstomp and arcane torrent.

Lynx Boss:
I tank the boss while Paladin picks up the cat. Priests need to dispel the lightning shock? Watever it is. DPS needs to kill totems asap. Hunters needs to Tranq shot. Spread out, dps boss, ignore cat, kill totems, dispel = win. Nothing really special here. Done by the book really.

Our average time is 5mins left on the timer. Highest was 9mins? or 7mins. Lowest was 30seconds >_<

Let me know if I miss anything. I’m just typing whatever comes to mind and not really paying attention to detail or whether it was clear lol.

Below is a video i found. not my run but will give u an idea, of what to expect.

Zul'Aman (bear run)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hERKtpGGeS8 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hERKtpGGeS8) (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib7Y1PW1Xfs (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib7Y1PW1Xfs) (Part 2)

watch on high quality

Well hope i could help. and good luck getting your bear mount.

07-28-2008, 06:17 AM
Thetank what gear level is your DPS in?

07-28-2008, 08:04 AM
Mainly Badge Gear, got some Pieces from hyjal but mostly Badge fully enchanted and Gemmed.

Feel free to armory me. i usually log out in my dps gear..

Thetank - us Dreadmaul

07-28-2008, 09:34 AM
Lynx Trash:
Our group DOES NOT take the Lynx shortcut. It might save us from pulling 3 pack of mobs. but we lost to much time avoiding pats etc. I’m guessing we lose a minute or two trying to avoid the pats?

2 paths to take, each path killing a different group of lynxes at start (so can ignore for comparison).

Fighting: 2-troll pack with stealthed lynxes, as well as the 2-troll/2-lynx patrol if not skipping it. 2-4 mins depending.

Hut hopping: no additional fights, just have to wait at most 20s on the patrol to move, then spend an extra 10s moving, compared to fighting path.

You lose ~30s avoiding the groups, but you gain 3+ mins by not fighting them. If you're close on time, hopping through the huts is the way to go.

07-29-2008, 05:19 AM
if you are on time. which we normally are the Pat can be avoided quite easily which means you get your paladin tank to rush in and focus dps straight away. we down this mob and mounted within about 20 sec's.

If you feel doing the hut jump is easier by all means go ahead. but we now have 8 successful bear mount runs, two more to go.

Their are to many things that can go wrong when you are hut jumping. its not worth it imo.

one person makes a mistake, migth as well hearth and wait for the reset.

You need to have engaged the boss with no less than 4 mins to go.

07-29-2008, 07:13 AM
Can anyone give me an example of what the dps output needs to be for this event? For example...dps ers should be around 1000-1200ish.... or something like that. I understand that it depends heavily on class and spec but - in general.

Thanks in advance

07-29-2008, 07:49 AM
The key is to make 1-2 attempts at the timed run and see how you do, then keep doing it to improve. Not much to add from what has already been said, hut jumping and waterwalking and avoiding the croc pat can save you some time. If you are 15mins on timer after downing dragonhawk a bear is highly likely. Our normal engages are ~22mins on dhawk with ~18 left to get to lynx (even wiped on that stupid croc pat once and still made the timer)

Wow Web Stats (http://wowwebstats.com/vcvay6d151cgg)

Wow Web Stats (http://wowwebstats.com/3iaqtk6jk6azi)

WWS Loading... (http://wowwebstats.com/wfzw6imvpxrsm)

08-04-2008, 11:29 PM
The Dps needs to be about 1400dps except the tank offtank. which is fine around 600 dps

08-05-2008, 05:44 AM
Hmm, I've seen reports no where close to those numbers. Top DPS did about 14-1500 there were two others above 1000. The rest were high triple digits. This was a recount report, however, and recount seems to be under WWS. That could certainly account for it.

08-06-2008, 11:07 AM
1400 is way too high. As long as everybody is around 1000 and not bad (pulling incorrectly, dying inappropriately), it's very doable.

08-11-2008, 08:49 PM
yeah.. sorry i dont know the exact figures. im just going by what is posted at the end.

its most likely alot lower.

but id just liek to say since im on such a good buzz. we now have 9 out of 10 of our mounts :)

so much fun in a premade wsg now.. alliance run, seeing 9 bear mounts running at them.. im not one for pvp but it is fun

08-12-2008, 02:29 PM
Only tip we use (we run with a Spriest) is to MC the lookout at the start of the gauntlet. He just chills out with him and runs him a little bit further away from the gauntlet. If the MC doesn't break early, we are usually pulling the 4 set of mobs right about at the time the MC breaks and if the tank turns and pulls the tempest, you'll never get a single add. We just have the OT pick up and hold onto the first 3 protectors, then the MT gets the last 2 mobs + the tempest.

You can pull the tempest after the MC breaks and still not get any adds, but you've only got about 5 seconds - if he makes it to the Tempest before you pull it you'll get at least one set of each.

08-13-2008, 01:52 PM
For the dragonhawk boss, we always kill one hatcher, and let the other one hatch an entire side. We do this fine without a paladin. The DPS needs to ignore the boss completely, and start killing the adds as they come out. We normally use a feral to swipe a few, and we use whatever we can to slow them down, but our DPS is such that you can just burn them. Some DPS will get some hits on them, but as a tank I'll run over and get a shield slam or such on some low adds that are hitting DPS.

Your mileage may vary, we normally have people in T6/sunwell gear.

08-18-2008, 06:46 AM
Kavel (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/members/kavel.html)
- MC's the Runner is gimping your dps.. u need to keep in a tight group on th epally cons, and just move up.. the birds are easily downed with seeds than aoe.. u need to dps the healers then the warriors as u dps the warrior the Ot needs to have got the next to then the pally tank moves up and rince and repeat. MC' will take to much time and effort, imo.

09-01-2008, 06:58 AM
Here I have a WWS from our last attempt

WWS Loading... (http://wowwebstats.com/r3nww1yb3vf3q)

Sadly we wiped at Halazzi. Pulled him on 3:15 left and normaly it takes us 3:00 to 3:05 to kill him.

We are clearing all trash with me as the only tank. Druide is hopping in for bosses and hard trashgroups.

09-02-2008, 04:00 PM
There is a short way of doing the eagle boss.When u run to the starting spot instead of going to the left and starting the gauntlet go to the right and get a hunter,shammy stand by the pillar get shammy to do far sight and target the guy u kill to stop the birds then get hunter to use target of target and get him to send his pet let it kill pet he will come and 2 others have tanks rdy to pick them up.Good luck and have fun.