View Full Version : [H-PVE CST] BT/MH Looking for ranged DPS.

04-16-2008, 12:02 PM
Shadows and Dust
Garona (PVE)
4/5 Hyjal (Will start Archimonde attempts this week.)
4/9 Black Temple (We expect Bloodboil down this week.)

Central Standard Time raid schedule. Monday-Thursday 7pm - 11pm.
Voluntary weekend raids, ZA bear runs and the like.

We're an established guild with impeccable raiding history on the server. Guild is comprised of working professionals and adults.

Right now we're looking for a holy paladin, a warlock and a mage or two.

I'd like to get some folks that enjoy the game as a whole, and plan to continue playing for some time to come. We plan on completing Black Temple and then moving onto Sunwell and then getting ready for whatever else Blizzard has planned. We just want a stable and consistent player with very low drama. Someone mature, sensible, competitive and able to listen to constructive criticism given by our raiders who are very pleasant to raid with, we won't scream and berate you.

Contact me through our forums at http://www.shadowsanddust.org/ , or in-game tells or email me at kelce@hotmail.com .