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04-15-2008, 05:15 PM
*** Backstory ***

When I was just starting to raid Kara, I was a dagger tank. Even after the changes to Devastate came out, I still firmly felt that the dagger I had (Retainer's Blade) was better threat than any other option I had at the time (Grom'tor's Charge being what I upgraded from). I received a lot of flack from people about this who were touting that a dagger was a poor choice because of the TPS you lose with crits and devastate.

I finally did upgrade out of my dagger (well, back down to, the Grom'tor's Charge), but not because of the threat I was losing with devastate, but because at the time I hadn't realized the value of expertise. When I realized that as an orc, I make up all that lost TPS with 5 expertise skill, I switched back.

I've noticed recently that people are still touting that "daggers suck" as a threat weapon, and I decided to do the math and actually show when a given dagger is better than a sword, and when it is not.

I realized that this would also be a good way to test the innate threat you could get between any two weapons, be they daggers or swords. (What's better? 87.5dps at 1.6speed, or 93.1dps at 2.4speed?)

*** What it Does ***

I created a spreadsheet to help one determine which weapon is better to equip for threat purposes. It determines how much DPS you can expect to do with white damage and devastate. It doesn't factor in anything that would be common across both weapons (defensive stance penalty, threat modifiers, armor mitigation) because, well, it's common across all weapons you have equipped.

Put in your attack power, hit rating, expertise, and crit chance. Then fill in the top-end damage, bottom-end damage, DPS, and Attack Power modifier (1.7 for daggers, 2.4 for any other one-hander), and this sheet will tell you how much DPS you will have with white damage and devastate (since those are the only two skills your weapon actually affects). You can then compare those numbers to determine which weapon would do the most threat per second.

*** What it Doesn't Do ***

The spreadsheet doesn't address the value that a weapon's equipped stats may have that go beyond devastate and melee; a higher hit rating or expertise skill would make your shield slams and revenges better; therefore it's not the be-all end-all. If anyone has any suggestions for how I can model these as well, I'd be glad to incorporate it into this spreadsheet. It won't tell you if your 60dps weapon with +100hit and +100expertise is better than a 100dps weapon overall (does the extra hits with SS/Revenge outweigh the 40dps discrepancy? Who knows!).

It doesn't have separate stats for each equipped weapon (assuming your expertise, attack power, or crit chance changes between the two weapons, which it most likely will). If people think this spreadsheet is worthwhile, I'll add it in the next version.

It doesn't include mob blocks, which could make faster-but-lower-damage weapons look slightly better, since a larger percentage of damage would be blocked. If anybody has any data on boss block rates and values, it would be much appreciated.

Finally, it doesn't as of yet include heroic strike uptime in any way/shape/form. I've got a few ideas for how to model this, but I'm saving it for another day

*** Conclusion ***

If you find any errors in my math, let me know. If you liked (or disliked) this spreadsheet, let me know. I'd be happy to enhance it (or never make another spreadsheet again, you ingrates!)