View Full Version : Baseline gear req to start tanking Heroics

04-14-2008, 06:25 PM
I've been digging around but I'd like just a flat number to strive towards. HP, +Def and all. What do I need to start tanking Heroics? What do I need to have before I can hit LFG Heroic? Any must have pre-Kara recommendations are good too. Note that I don't have access to Kara and probably won't for a bit, no guild on my server is going to take a fresh 70 tank that still needs Kara upgrades.

04-15-2008, 01:21 PM
For a warrior: 490defense, 12k hp, 12k ac to survive, and a tanking weapon/shield that's easily attainable (imo, Grom'tor's Charge and Netherwing Protector's Shield as the minimum). Of course, as far as weapons go, it doesn't have to have tanking stats necessarily, a good dps weapon is just as good. You should also be comfortable with maintaining persistent threat and Heroic Strike'ing to dump rage. Lastly, I would never go with a tank who didn't have a threat meter installed (KTM, Omen2), because if you're just starting out your DPS will *NEED* to know your threat.

Note, this is the minimum tanking stats to START heroics. Some heroics are more difficult than others (Magister's Terrace on non-heroic is on par with heroics, so Magister's Terrace on heroic would require significantly higher stats). Good heroics to start with to get your feet wet: Ramparts, Slave Pens, Mechanar and Blood Furnace (if you have good CC).

Also note that the better your DPS is, the more threat you're going to need (more shield block value, better weapons, etc). Just starting out as a 12k/12k/490 warrior running Heroic Ramparts with a T6-geared rogue and mage is going to end in a lot of deaths as they'll pull agro off of you easily.