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04-14-2008, 05:58 AM
What worked for us. There is no single successful strategy but I hope there are some insights below that will help others. Good luck.

Raid Setup
6 healers, 5 tanks (could do with only four tanks)
6 AoE (2-3 warlocks, rest mages)
2 Hunters (for misdirects and bow tanking)
2-4 melee, remainder of balanced range

Phase 1
Nothing much to add here that the guides don’t already mention. We killed them in the following usual places:
(1) Thaladred - SW
(2) Capernian – S. Have a hunter misdirect to your warlock tank and have another mage/warlock build agro to be second on the threat list. Watch out for healing agro until the warlocks have solid threat.
(3) Sanguinar – SE. Misdirect and fear ward help for an easy pick-up.
(4) Telonicus – NW. Allow the tank to position him before dps.

Phase 2
(1) Bow: Hunter to tank plus another two non-AoE range
(2) Axe: Druid to tank and bring into the AoE when safe.
(3) Remainder of weapons are AoE’ed and held by four tanks. Put a rogue onto the staff and another onto the mace to interrupt/stun them.
(4) Remember to move the weapon away before it dies for easy looting (I use the auto-loot option)
(5) Have other members pick up a spare mace and staff and take to those would could not get one in time (for example the hunter tank's healer)

Try to have all the weapons, except the axe and perhaps the shield, down before phase 3. This is the first major milestone in the fight.

Phase 3
- Important for the tanks and healers to be in place before this starts.
- Important that the healers have the maces equipped and that the casters have equipped AND used their staff.
Kill order for us:
(1) All range to kill Thaladred. We kept one mage near Telonicus to use his staff buff on the tank and to dps the axe when Thaladred wasn’t close.
(2) All melee on Teleonicus.
(3) When Thaladred dies then send one hunter to Teleonicus for the bow buff and all other ranged to Sanginuar. The Sanginar tank (was the MT) will use his shield, fear ward and stance-dance to avoid fears.
(4) All the adds except Capernian must die before phase 4. I believe that this is the second major milestone in the fight.

Phase 4
- All range to finish Capernian and all melee onto Kael’thas.
- Make sure that one staff buff is on the MT (and the mace of course).
- Interrupt fireballs
- Have the prot tanks that aren’t tanking Kael (two for us) use the dagger for mind-controls. NOTE: Reuse the staff after mind-controls as they loose the buff.
- Tank the phoenix away from the raid but close enough for ranged to dps the egg. Try to pick the same spot but don’t drag it through the raid.
- Dps priority is the Egg before Kael’thas!
- MT to use the legendary shield on first pyro.
- MT to alternate between nightmare seeds and fire pots + PW:Shield for second pyro. Sometimes the shield may be down but it helped to tell people what their priority kill was and I didn’t rely on the shield being down (I drank those pots and ate the seeds irrespective ;))

Phase 5:
- Nothing much to add here either.
- During the gravity lapse: Spread out, don’t tank or melee and watch your agro if you continue to range dps.
- Counterspell Kael’thas from range (after gravity lapse) if required to get him to the MT.

04-15-2008, 08:08 AM
helps if you have some fire res gear for bird tanks. Also its easily doable with 3 tanks not including the lock tank.

04-15-2008, 12:05 PM
the main milestone is killing the first egg before it hatches, with the majority of your raid alive. this is the point where your entire raid should realize that it's going to be a kill.

04-16-2008, 01:37 AM
We had zero fire protection on the phoenix tank (other than the pally buff) and didn't have an issue.

04-16-2008, 04:55 AM
We usually killed Capernian in the P4->P5 transition (and it was pre-nerf).
This way our dps could start burn Kael'thas asap having a shorter P4 which is what usually things get messed up in this encounter.

04-20-2008, 04:01 PM
We finally got Kael tonight after the fourth trash clear. Thanks for all the info on these forums, we had the tactics about right from first try.
The hard part is that 25 people needs to not fuck up at the same try.

04-20-2008, 04:25 PM
We finally got Kael tonight after the fourth trash clear. Thanks for all the info on these forums, we had the tactics about right from first try.
The hard part is that 25 people needs to not fuck up at the same try.
Sad but true