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04-13-2008, 05:32 PM
Hi, this is first time i am posting something here, so if it is the wrong forumpart move it please.

This is about my normal boss Tanking gear.(got other gears like, cbi, high aggro, avoid.) But this ist about my mitigation gear, which i use for most of the Bosses in MH und BT. (Our Raidstatus is RoS und Gurtugg down, MH - clear, mother inc)

Ok, i have a question about the next steps of gearing.

Current Status:
HP: 17.4k (unbuffed), ~18.6k (selfbuffed)
Armor: 18.1k
Dodge: 24.24

Hit: 144 (i know 2 over the cap)
Expt: 16
Crit: 12.38

(only +15 StamGems in use)
Now my Problem, in t4/t5 content i tanked with ~900 Blockvalue.(Bosses with ~700), worked fine.

Now my Value still is 540 (with Autoblocker, but not used).

Today i got the Ring from Supremus und changed it with Tirisfal. (Lost Block% und Value) i dicided change Hydross trinked with autoblocker, cause i lost much Value...

Is this a normal process? What would be the minlimit for the BlockValue?

And how effectiv is the 9%hit?

Currently there are no aggro problems, but i am afraid of there could be. How important is the blockvalue in endgamecontent?


And another question: Something i really do not understand.

I tanked RoS in my normal Boss tank gear. P2 i hat something about 900 to 1200 TPS. (~7%hit, 550 BlockValue, 16EXPt, ~18crit, 18Parry)

Got onwed by P3 by 3 heavy crushes, so i diceded to take CBI. Told my Raid that P2 i will not be able to TPS very well.

well.... complete P2 was 2k TPS.

Gear: ~0.5% hit, 8EXPT, 16%Parry, 17%crit and 650 BlockValue.

I really dont know why i am able to nearly double my TPS? Ok 100 blockvalue, could upgrade it, but dont double it. (This phenomenon only appears vs RoS in P2.)
Is there something special in this P2? This is a phenomenon i would like to know why it is happening ;)

Ok finish this thread with my bad english ;) sorry 4 this and thanks for answers.


04-13-2008, 07:47 PM
I'm afraid I can't help you much with the practical aspect of SBV -- I don't have personal end-game experience.

As for RoS, Deaden (the ability you use Spell Reflection for) increases damage by 100%; that should result in more TPS -- but it also means you need more.

04-13-2008, 08:45 PM
ROS p3 is also very tricky. Some raid members get threat boost debuff, and you need to burn your rage as soon as possible or you'll take mass dmg...

Your SBV looks fine to me. Hit and Expertise play a much more important role in tps--and you're hit capped!