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04-10-2008, 07:22 AM
Did some looking around here and didn't find a concise thread listing various aspects of threat gains and reductions through skills and talents per class. So I dug this out of our class sections from my guild and figured I'd toss it up.

Note: This list is well over a year old and hasn't been updated since February of last year. Reason being is cause our MT's have pretty well rooted themselves as near untouchable on threat, so kinda let this thing dwindle away. Any extra info/changes would be greatly welcome, since I'm betting a few of these numbers could be outdated, but that's only if the patches changed the threat numbers themselves, not actual damage (like lacerate, damage got increased, but threat modifier looks unchanged).

Information Gathered From:
WoW-Europe.com Forums -> 60-70 Threat values list (http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=92309409&postID=&sid=1)
WoW-Europe.com Forums -> Threat & Warrior Tanking Guide (http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=94319875&sid=1)
Threat - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (http://www.wowwiki.com/Threat)

Since this covers pretty much all the classes, feel free to copypasta this to your own guild websites to let your other classes know what effects what on threat.

Aggro Management

Managing aggro is one of the most important aspects of grouping because so much depends on how much damage the group receives and where the damage ends up.


Several abilities and effects increase a character's threat level against a mob. Note that the effective amount of threat generated can be modified by talents and spells. See the Threat modifiers listed below for details.

Special threat level increasing modifiers:

1 Health gained (from certain effects) = 0.5 Threat
1 Mana gained (from certain effects) = 0.5 Threat
1 Pt. Healing done = 0.5 Threat
1 Pt. Damage dealt = 1 Threat
1 Pt. Rage gained = 5 Threat

Note that threat gained by generating energy, mana or rage, and by healing (that shows up in the combat log) is split between all mobs involved in the combat. Example: Player 1 is involved in combat with 5 mobs. Player 2 (priest) casts a 1000 heal without threat reduction talents on player 1. A 1000 heal generates 500 threat, however those 500 threat is split amongst the 5 mobs for 100 threat on each mob. Same goes for certain abilities, including Demo Shout, Demo Roar and Buffing effects.

Threat modifiers per Class

The actual threat generated by the effects above can be modified by the following abilities, talents and spells:

Threat level increasing modifiers

Defensive Stance = +30%
Defiance = +5%-15% (Talent) while in Defensive Stance
Battle Shout = +69 (rank 8)
Cleave, main target = +130 (rank 6)
Commanding Shout = +68/mobs
Demoralizing Shout = +56 (rank 7)
Devastate = +101 (+Sunder Armor Modifier) (all ranks)
Hamstring = +181 (rank 4)
Heroic Strike = +196 (rank 10)
Heroic Strike = +? (rank 11)
Shield Bash = +230 (rank 4)
Shield Slam = +310 (rank 6)
Sunder Armor = +301 (rank 6)
Revenge = +417 (rank 8)
Improved Revenge (Stun) = +25

Bear Form/Dire Bear Form = +30%
Feral Instinct (Talent) = +5%-15% while in Bear / Dire bear form (additive)
Maul = +322 (rank 8)
Druid:Growl = Identical to Warrior Taunt
Demoralizing Roar = +42
Faerie Fire = +108
Lacerate = +285 plus threat from bleed damage

Righteous Fury = +60% Threat on all Holy damage
Improved Righteous Fury = +16%-50% (Talent) Threat by Righteous Fury

Polymorph = UnKnown

Mind Control = UnKnown

Anguish = +632 (rank 3)
Searing Pain = Aggro for this spell is 200% of damage done
Suffering = +885 (rank 6)
Torment = +632 (rank 7)

Rockbiter Weapon = +72 multipled by weapon speed (rank7)
Earth Shock = Aggro for this spell is 200% of damage done
Frost Shock = UnKnown

Pet:Growl = +664 (rank 8) scales with pet attack power and level.
Distracting Shot = +700 (rank 7)
Intimidation = +580
Scorpid Poison = +5
Screech = UnKnown
Thunderstomp = UnKnown
Furious Howl = UnKnown Per buffed party member

Threat level decreasing modifiers

Battle Stance = -20% to All Threat
Berserker Stance = -20% to All Threat

Cat Form = -29% to All Threat
Subtlety = -4%-20% (Talent) by Healing spells
Druid:Cower (Cat) = -1170 (rank 5)

Blessing of Salvation = -30% to All Threat
Innate Ability = -50% to all Healing spells

Arcane Subtlety = -20%-40% (Talent) by offensive Arcane spells
Frost Channeling = -4%-10% (Talent) by offensive Frost spells
Burning Soul = -5%-10% (Talent) by offensive Fire spells
Invisibility = -10%/second for all enemies for 5 seconds. -100% (threat wipe) upon becoming invisible.

Shadow Affinity = -8%-25% (Talent) by Shadow spells
Silent Resolve = -4%-20% (Talent) by all Spells
Fade = -1170 (rank 7) Fade is a temporary buff. When it expires, its threat level reduction is revoked once a threat generating action is performed.

Master Demonologist = -4%-20% (Talent) to all spells while Imp is active
Soothing Kiss = -165 (rank 4)
Improved Drain Soul = -5%-10% (Talent) to all Affliction spells
Destructive Reach = -5%-10% (Talent) to all Destruction spells
Soulshatter = -50% for all enemies within 50 yards. resistible

Tranquil Air Totem = -20%
Healing Grace = -5%-15% (Talent) by healing spells

Innate Ability = All threat is reduced by 29%
Feint = -1050 (rank 6)
Vanish = -100% (threat wipe)

Disengage = -545 (rank 4)
Pet:Cower = -225 (rank 6)
Feign Death = -100% (threat wipe) resistible

04-10-2008, 07:40 AM
For a mage, I believe an Invis that finishes (like 5 seconds or whatever?) becomes a threat wipe, like vanish/FD.

Here we go:

After 5 seconds its a full threat wipe, you get a partial threat reduction if its cancelled.

04-10-2008, 07:44 AM
OOH! Thanks :D

hmm, totally didn't see that thread >.<

04-10-2008, 09:00 AM
You're missing the warlock soulshatter and it's probably worth noting which agro-dumps can be resisted :)

04-10-2008, 09:12 AM
Question, (a bit off track, but somewhat related) Does the health gain to all party members from commanding shout count as healing threat for the warrior shouting? Seems that would create an instant 2500+ threat if my math is right. Nice thread.

04-10-2008, 09:13 AM
Thanks shorty! Added. And so far, all I know is soulshatter and FD are resistible.

04-10-2008, 10:23 AM
Pet:Growl = +664 (rank 8)

According to a hunter friend, the threat of Growl increases with the pet's attack power. Don't have any numbers or verification for this, but i'm pretty sure he's right.

04-10-2008, 10:42 AM
You're correct, just looked it up! Thanks!

04-10-2008, 01:05 PM
Some notes:

Threat from buffs is split between mobs in the same way as healing. CCed and feared mobs do not register buff/healing/etc. threat and are not included in the threat splitting.

Defiance has been tested to be multiplicative. I believe that (Dire) Bear Form is multiplicative, too -- at least KTM and Omen/Threat treat it that way.

Subtlety for druids affects offensive spells, too, not just healing spells.

Lacerate's damage portion (both the front-loaded damage and the DoT) has a -80% threat penalty.

A priest's Silent Resolve does not affect the threat generated by shadow spells (though, oddly enough, testing has revealed it to currently affect the healing threat from Vampiric Embrace, which may or may not be a bug).

A priest's threat reduction from Fade expires when the buff goes away, not when the priest takes a threat-generating action. It is just that a mob will generally not look for a new aggro target until another action is taken. This distinction is purely academic in most cases, of course.

Warriors have Improved Berserker Stance for an additional -10% threat. Execute generates +25% threat (I personally think that Whirlwind also has the +25% modifier, but I'll have to retest that -- my data for that is somewhat outdated).

A paladin's Righteous Fury affects all holy spells, including heals, not just damage spells.

04-10-2008, 02:14 PM
Warriors have Improved Berserker Stance for an additional -10% threat. Execute generates +25% threat (I personally think that Whirlwind also has the +25% modifier, but I'll have to retest that -- my data for that is somewhat outdated).

25% more threat from execute?!?! wow O_o no wonder i pull aggro at 19%