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04-08-2008, 10:15 PM
I am the main tank of a fresh tier 6 guild (4/5, 4/9) and have a few questions about my current gear...(The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kul+Tiras&n=Noblersavage))
I currently use the gyro gun for stamina fights and the ssc thrown weapon for trash/threat. Should I be trying to go for the legionkiller xbow for bosses or the avoidance gun at this point for my gear set? Should I be using my kael gloves instead of my gloves of enforcement for tanking bosses (I've heard both ways)? Should I go for the Tier 6 helm instead of the faceplate of the impenetrable for the 4 piece tier 6 set bonus or wait for a sunwell off-piece to finish off the 4 piece? Also, any comments/help would be greatly appreciated.
edit: I have no idea how to use item links and I am sorry for the inconvenience ^_^

04-09-2008, 02:34 AM
Legionkiller has 20 or 21 (cant remember) agility on it, which gives dodge, crit and 40-42 armor aswell, and has 30 stamina on top of that. I love this weapon, and by the way its skin rocks :). Gorefiend's rifle gives me almost the same dodge value, but makes me lose some crit and armor. The GBK rifle only gives me stamina, as I've socketed it with a +15 gem. I always have these two babies in my bags tho.

Regarding your gloves, Kael gloves never dropped for us, but I think I'd stick with Gloves of Enforcement. I currently have 3/8 T6, and swap between Enforcement and T6 gloves.

The T6 helm is not bad, but the Faceplate of the Impenetrable is far far superior in my opinion. Now you just have to ask yourself : "is the 4 t6 bonus useful for me or not ? Do I want to have it when tanking?".

I personnally love to tank in my threat set, thus wearing only 2 T6 pieces (will be 3 when the shoulders will finally drop), and when I'll be 4 T6 (probably tonight) I'll try to work on my hit and expertise again to keep both the bonus and my beloved threat stats.

Well, in short words, it all depends of your playing style and the way you like to tank ;)

04-09-2008, 10:25 PM
In my opinion, if you're looking for a threat weapon, try and get the thrown from 3rd boss in Magister's Terrace normal, it's pretty sick for threatgen; for pure tanking, I'd say Teron's gun beats Legionkiller, if only by a little bit.

Kael gloves are pretty much the best 'tank' gloves pre-Sunwell - gloves of enforcement are awesome but if you're concerned more about survival, nothing beats Kael's ones.

Tier6 helm is pretty poor all around and personally I don't see a reason to use it at all; Faceplate is better in every single sense and I always thought our 4set bonus to be overrated - there's plenty of ways to boost your threat even without it, and face it, having the hp / avoidance / mitigation to survive hard hitters is a lot more important than boosting your threat generation further.

04-25-2008, 06:30 PM
Just have multiple sets. I'm not quite as far as Illidan yet, but I have a set with 12% expertise and 500 BV, a set with 18.5k health and 18k armor, a set with 45% avoidance and a set with 800 BV(for fun(and leo)). Not many fights where I need my stam set to survive AND my threat set to keep up with DPS.