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04-02-2008, 12:26 PM
So as I'm sure many of the other tanks on this forum are, I'm looking at ways to increase my survivability with Brutallus. I think it's pretty much set in stone that a 2 tank / 6-8 healer strategy focusing on 2 groups is the only way to really accomplish that fight at this point. I've been racking my brain today as to how to gear myself for the fight since the Sunwell Radiance buff he has is making it a particularly difficult fight to gear towards compared to most fights tanks have had to gear towards up to this point.

I've heard quite a large amount of debates between EH vs Avoidance gearing for the Brutallus encounter which I find particularly stupid since the fight seems fairly obvious that it requires a balance between the two stats. That being said I'll start with some of the numbers.

As far of a requirement for EH on the fight Brutallus' unmitigated damage at a maximum is:

25,000 MH
11,000 OH
21,150 Stomp
~2000-7000 Meteor Slash (depending on current stack of debuffs and the amount of people around you when it hits)

Given that this could all could theoretically hit withing ~1 second of each other I'll just say that a rough estimate for a needed amount of EH is around 64,000 (57,150EH required for his damage not counting meteor slash).

Now in my usual raid gear (Illi helm, 5piece t6 with wrists, top bt/hyj pieces in other slots) I have 67,273 Effective Health which gives me a small amount of room to play with my gear. The set I'm speaking of includes a commendation from heroic magisters' that I was using on Kalec which gives ~1800 EH. With the nature of two tanking Brutallus though It prefered to be using Shadowmoon Insignia & Moroes' Pocket Watch imo for the activation effects during a stomp. Since the nature of the fight will drop you under 30% quite often your commendation will most likely not activate during a stomp when you are most vulnerable.

Does anybody have calculations of the EH calculations on small changes to gear such as KoT helm enchant vs ZG helm enchant (considering switching to KoT to counteract Sunwell radiance) and have calculations handy for the interaction of additional armor vs avoidance and its impact on EH.

I've been thinking about the implications of 15agi/240armor 12agi/120armor enchants and rings like mag's head ring or Krz exalted ring to increase your EH for Brutallus and provide an small amount of additional armor towards stomp but those things would take away even more avoidance when you are already dealing with Sunwell Radiance.

Ideas or tips from experience would be appreciated. ;)

EDIT: also, I am assuming that like Mother blizz removed the parry mechanic from Brutallus but can anybody Confirm/Deny that for sure?

04-02-2008, 01:21 PM
confirmed, brutallus does not get hasted swings after he parries.

04-07-2008, 11:48 PM
going to want some proof on this :P

04-08-2008, 07:30 AM
Brutallus does not get hasted after a parry, and he RARELY misses, gets dodged or parried. Yes I know about Sunwell Radiance, but still with 31% Dodge and 22% Parry I still seem to be avoiding less than I should. Even with this, I still geared having 22K HP Raid buffed, then the rest into avoidance- he just hits to hard. You absolutely must avoid some of it.

04-08-2008, 02:38 PM
After downing Brutallus, I have to say that this fight is MUCH LESS about how the tank is geared, and MUCH MORE about how your healers (not just MT healers) can deal with the massive spikes after stomps, as well as tanks knowing when to use their cooldowns, especially if they are able to use them pre-emptively/pro-actively, as sometimes Brutallus will simply smash their faces faster than one can react. Large spikes will happen (and happen often), and no amount of EH or avoidance is going to save your ass.

As a crude example, one time after clearing trash I forgot to switch my gear and tanked him with full expertise/block value (autoblocker lul) bullshit gear and tanked him two phases without issue, and the OT was the one to die, resulting in a wipe.

This is not to say gearing intelligently is worthless. I wore a healthy combination of EH and Avoidance gear, favoring high armor pieces but also filling in avoidance stats where I could. Ultimately, this fight won or lost by your healers, so make sure they know what the hell they're doing.