View Full Version : [H-PvP-Mal'Ganis] Recruiting for BT/Hyjal

04-02-2008, 07:48 AM
Pink Tabard is currently looking for a few more members for our push into Tier 6 content. A little about our guild:

-We are progression guild, and it shows. We have progressed from Gruul's Lair to Black Temple in under a month, and our core members are experienced and over-geared for T6 content. If you need gear, go farm badges and arena points, as that is not our primary focus.

-We have a 'fun' raiding environment, we don't treat raiding like it's a job =). It will not be a 'fun' raiding environment for you if you screw up repeatedly. A bunch of our applicants have been gremoved or ignored after a raid or two, please don't be a terribad clicker.

-I realize these expectations are somewhat high for our relative progression on Mal'ganis. I'm hoping that applicants that might not normally consider applying will after learning a bit about us.

We are currently looking for the following, but will consider exceptional applicants of any class.

1-2 Feral Druids
1-2 Holy Paladins
1-2 Resto Shamans
1 Warlock
1 Enhancement Shaman

Be ready for T6 content. Note that this does not mean that you need T6 level gear, only that you are a good player who knows how to push your class.

If you are interested, post an application at our website, or feel free to talk to Acidel, Ezrael, Aui or Azaire in-game.

Pink Tabard - CARING SINCE 2007 (http://pinktabard.890m.com)
(The site hasn't been updated with kills in awhile)