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04-02-2008, 12:03 AM
It's been bugging me for a while that I haven't been able to a find a solid answer on what a Slam warrior does during Execute range. While I haven't done the number crunching on using two 1H weapons and spamming Execute, I have done the math for Executing with a 2H weapon.

Here's the low down:
Execute is a nice ability - for a measly 15 Rage you get a lovely 920 raw damage. Compare that to Mortal Strike, where (assuming an average weapon damage of 500) for 30 Rage you get 920 raw damage, if you have 1781 AP. Obviously Mortal Strike is going to scale much better with Attack Power. But you still have a very high Rage cost. In fact, if you assume your Executes are going to hit when you have 30 Rage, you end up with a cool 1235 raw damage, something you'd only get from MS if you had about 3120 AP.

Here's the thing though - that bonus 15 Rage you're spending on Execute only gets you 315 bonus damage. That's not so hot. Luckily, there's this great ability we work into our rotation called Slam. Maybe you've heard of it...

Slam by default does more damage than that bonus 15 rage Execute, unless you're using a 1H weapon or something. Factor in AP scaling, and you've got some nice damage happening.

What does all this mean?

Execute scales better with Rage than any other ability. Mainly because no other ability scales with Rage at all.
At high AP values, Mortal Strike does more damage than Execute, assuming only 30 rage
It takes roughly 90 AP using MS to balance out 1 extra point of rage for Execute.
Execute is best when it only consumes 15 Rage, because the Rage scaling is pretty pathetic. Any extra rage it eats could be used for another ability...

So, here are some rotations:

Really rage starved:
Execute x infinity
If you get less than 30 rage per swing, execute is going to be your best ability, cycle wise. Still not sure on saving up rage for a later time. Honestly, I think this situation is so rare that it doesn't matter anyway.

White hit -> Slam -> Execute
This rotation requires 30 Rage per hit, which is pretty minimal. It really maximizes your Execute damage, since a 15 rage execute hits for a lot, and you avoid the crappy scaling.

Normal w/ high AP:
White hit -> Slam -> MS
White hit -> Slam -> Execute
Assuming you're getting only slightly more than 45 rage per swing with over 3.2k AP, this will edge out the normal rotation.

High rage:
White hit -> Slam -> Execute
If you're getting even slightly more than 45 rage per swing, this will probably be the best way to go. It scales much better than MS.

For the vast majority of people, the "Normal" rotation is going to be the best bet for Execute phase with a 2H weapon.

'Course, when you pop Recklessness and trinkets, you want to spam an ability while getting constant Rage. In this case, just hammer that Execute button like you're a Fury warrior!