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03-31-2008, 08:49 PM
Have you written a guide or article, created a movie, developed a mod or interface, or run extensive math on class mechanics? Do you know the ins and outs of PVP, DPS, or tanking for your class? Are you interested in running an active blog or column?

TankSpot is looking for authors. TankSpot is always looking for authors.

What Does TankSpot Need?
We welcome authors for any beneficial information they can bring to the community. However, we're always in need of:

Detailed theorycrafters for Druids, Fury Warriors, and Protection Paladins (for WotLK we will be covering Deathknights as well);
Experienced Arms PVP Warriors with the ratings and knowledge required for credibility.

Currently, we're looking for:

Druid and Paladin leveling guides as well as Profession leveling guides;
Sunwell information and movies;
Arena movies.

Here's how we approach our community:

TankSpot's goal is to provide accurate and meaningful information to players at all levels of progression. While we have active theory and endgame discussions, we also aim to help people as they level and when they are brand new to endgame. We believe this is where we are most successful and most useful.
While we do not require authors to tailor their work towards new players, we do require all members to respect the difference in progression and classes represented on this site.

How Do I Become An Author?
Becoming an author is relatively simple. Since we're a community-driven site run by people who understand the mechanics of our roles, we are able to identify and promote people quickly.

Step 1: Post your work to our forums or blogs system. For movies, don't worry about the embedding codes -- we'll embed the movie for you and show you how to do it.

Step 2: Send a private message to myself or Satrina with a link to your work, to make sure we're aware.

Why Be An Author?
The most obvious answer is that you're helping others. Beyond this, you gain special access to our private Author forums and a unique name. While we are working on additional permissions for users with Author status, the core of being an author is that you're helping people who need help.

If you are developing a web application that you'd like to integrate with TankSpot, you'd be welcome to host it with advertising so long as you use the NoGold filter or otherwise ensure that secondary market ads do not appear.