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03-31-2008, 07:20 AM
[A] <Idiocracy> Alexstrasza US PVE 5/5 Hyjal 9/9 BT

Idiocracy of the Central PVE Server Alexstrasza is currently looking for more motivated and knowledgeable players to help us clear through end game. We've just recently killed Illidan on Marth 5th.

We are currently recruiting:

1 Tank(warrior,druid or paladin)

***While we are only looking for a few specific classes right now all applications will be considered.

Some background on our guild: We consider ourselves a casual/hardcore raiding guild. We are casual in a sense that we only raid 4 days a weeks, but during those four days, we take a hardcore approach to raiding. We are a close-knit group of raiders that promote maturity and dedication.

All Applicants should meet the following requirements:

> Have complete knowledge and understanding of their class
> Be able to maintain at least a 75% raid attendance
> Be willing to bring all the proper consumables/repair money
> Read/understand strats prior to entering fights

Our Raid Schedule

Sunday 7:30 pm -12:30 am
Tuesday 7:30 pm 12:30 am
Wednesday 7:30 pm 12:30 am
Friday 7:30 pm 12:30 am

If you feel you meet our standards, please apply at our website idiocracy.guildportal.com or send me a tell in game, Stoebz or Stoebs. Thanks.