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03-29-2008, 03:33 AM
With the release of the patch this week we went and had a look at MH last night and did allright I think. Got Rage down fine on our first try and had a couple of shaky goes on Antheron.

The trash waves were going ok (though we were running tank heavy) but it all seems very chaotic. We basically used a "tanks run in and grab what you can" approach to picking up and tanking the mobs. Are there any cunning plans out there for dealing with these in a more orderly fashion or is it just a case of grab what you can?

With regards to Antheron, I had some FR gear which gave me around 235 FR, 12.7k Health and 485 def unbuffed (mainly the Flame-Bane set, Mag ring and a couple of other "all res" bits from my Hydross gear). Is this ok for FR here or do I really need to be capped? We had a lot of healing issues on the boss last night but with only a couple of goes there wasnt a lot of time to refine our strategy so i'm sure that side of things can be sorted out.

Any advise would be most appreciated,

03-31-2008, 04:42 PM
As raid leader and MT, I have developed a very aggressive way of making it go smoothly. As long as your DPS is on top of things and waves are dying before the next one spawns, this works very well. We use 3 warrior/druid tanks, and one pally tank. There was a good time period where we did not have a prot pally, so we had a holy pally put on some tanking gear and do the job, but it goes much more smoothly with an actual prot pally.

At the beginning of a wave, I make sure I have Earth Shield and Prayer of Mending. I mount up and go pretty far out of the gates. I mark 4-6 mobs depending on the contents of the wave. On waves where there are 6 abbominations I mark 4 tank targets, and 2 shackle targets. I pick up 2 of them, the other two tanks each pick up one. One of them kites back to Jeana, the other kites the the marksman on the other side to get them all involved in the battle. I also have the Banshees shackled when there are like 4 abbominations and 2 Banshees.

While still mounted, I try and get hit with one or two attacks from the group without getting hit by more (This takes a little bit of work, but I succeed at getting hit by just 1 or 2 times 98% of the time). This gets me some rage, and healing aggro on all the targets as ES and POM count as my healing, and use my stance modifier. Once I have taken these hits I run right to our pally tank on my mount, who is awaiting the wave. If it is a wave with casters, I hit Spell Reflect when they start casting, and I am usually able to spell reflect 90% of the first wave of casts. After this, some of them are sheeped, and the rest I just spell reflect tank from afar. When we started we would have a priest AOE fear these to help out with the damage I take, but it is not really necessary anymore.

The pally tank tanks everything that is not mentioned above, which tends to be a lot of Nerubians and Ghouls. The added DPS from Jeana, and other NPCs which we get involved really helps speed things a long, and so does having a pally tank, because everything can just be AOE'd down.

You do not need to be FR capped, decent FR gear (Still un-crittable), and a totem/aura will be just fine. I don't do the FR tanking, so I can't tell you the exact number our tanks have, but we have had the pally from phase 1 with no FR gear and only an aura do it before. The key to this is making sure that this goes smoothly is keeping this tank's healers far enough away from the boss that they do not get the -healing debuff. You also need ALL of your healers spread out in a 180 arch in front of him, to mitigate the number of them that will take any given cast. Also, with them all in front of him, if the melee gets targeted (Which should all be behind him), no healers will even get the debuff.

Make sure you are keeping a healing debuff up at all times (Wounding Poison, or MS if you are strapped for rogues), and try to have your MT with a lot of avoidance and you will do well here. The high avoidance will not only reduce the chance that the tank gets insta-gibbed while your healers can't heal, but it will also reduce the amount he heals from his aura.

04-14-2008, 06:43 AM
For trash, we've tried it many ways all successfully. Our first week we used 1 prot paladin, 2 ferals and 1 prot warrior for trash. The next two weeks this setup worked much better and requires less thanks. 2 prot paladins (one of our holy palies goes prot) and 1 prot warrior.

When you get a necromancer heavy wave, your prot warrior must get initial aggro (be the first person in their range) and spell reflect. He can tank 4+ necromancers this way taking the sting off the other tanks. The rest is just tanks + spank.

for Anetheron our setup is like this


mt-healer melee dps mt-healer



The rest of the raid spreads out liberally. Two of the inferal tank healers are way back behind jaina. Prot paladin tanks the infernal. Your tank does not need FR gear if ranged dps kills off infernals before another spawns. FR gear is needed if you're not killing the infernals tho and going for the straight burndown.

05-01-2008, 01:14 AM
Our infernal tank is a protection paladin in his normal tanking gear. We burn down the infernal so quickly that he doesn't take that much damage.

05-01-2008, 02:20 AM
For trash, we use 2 warrior tanks and maybe 1-2 feral tanks. But the major thing is having a pally tank.

The pally tank will take all the smaller mobs. The other tanks will pull the bigger harder-hitting mobs off quickly and tank 1-2 of them each.

We continue pulling mobs off the pally tank until they're all dead.

For the boss, I tank him in normal gear and the pally tank tanks the infernals. I'm not sure whether he uses FR gear or not.

-- gyre --

05-02-2008, 01:03 PM
I've been tanking the infernals in FR gear after trying it once with normal tank gear. I'm not sure which one is better. On one hand, I can grab them much more quickly/easily with normal tank gear, and they dish out tons of melee dmg (their hits are physical, ~3k noncrit). On the other hand, with maxed FR, I'm resisting about 60% of their total dmg output, but it's a little harder to grab them.

I think I'll try it with just a resist aura next time and normal tank gear and see how it goes. (or have a paladin do it, since they are really much better suited to grabbing infernals from a distance).