View Full Version : Helm Enchant + Meta Combo

03-28-2008, 06:24 PM
Curious as to what people think is now the best meta+enchant combo for tank helms?

Choice of meta:
eternal earthstorm diamond (EED)
powerful earthstorm diamond (PED)

Choice of enchant:
presence of might (POM)
glyph of the defender (GotD)
glyph of the gladiator (GotG)

EED+POM = 10 sta, 22 def, 15 SBV, +10% to SBV
EED+GotD = 0 sta, 28 def, 17 dodge rating, +10% to SBV
EED+GotG = 18 sta, 12 def, +10% to SBV

PED+POM = 28 sta, 10 def, 15 SBV, 5% Stun Resist
PED+GotG = 18 sta, 16 def, 17 dodge rating, 5% Stun Resist
PED+GotG = 36 sta, 20 res, 5% Stun Resist

I'm thinking the first one (Eternal earthstorm diamond + presence of might) to be the overall best one for Warrior and pally tank.

I'm thinking the latter (Powerful earthstorm + glyph of the gladiator) to be overall best for druid since the large returns from stamina in bear form.

03-28-2008, 07:12 PM
I use option one (Eternal meta and Presence of Might) and I love the combo!