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03-28-2008, 12:17 AM
Hey all, this is my first post here. I've looked over so many threads trying to find the info I wanted, but couldn't find it so I decided to post myself. Even though I've not found directly what I was looking for, I must say that the forums here are really good and I found lots of valuable information I didn't really think of before.

First off I want to point out that my main is a DPS. I've done countless end game instances before, and only really a handfull of heroics. I'm just now leveling protection warrior (alongside my friend who is leveling holy priest), but I like to think ahead about some things.

In the end, my friend and myself are not very hardcore players. We are, and play a lot when we have the time, but we won't commit to any end game activities.. in other words, we won't be raiding, ever, period. Our goal really is to go heroics at most with either closer friends, or the easier ones with pick up groups.

My main question would be.. as a warrior tank, what would be the minimal reqirements gear wise to tank in heroics? Of course I know there's no solid line with most things... I mean the 490 defense rating is the most obvious thing needed. But how much stamina and or armor should I be shooting for? Is it more or less the same as Kara? What would be a good avoidance percentage? Not overkill, but good enough to where you'd feel comfortable doing heroic runs... Is there an ideal hit rating to aim for? Or ideal offensive stats to go for in general?

Thanks beforehand for your replies to this.

03-28-2008, 01:29 AM
If you followed any of the pre-Kara gear lists you would probably ok to start working on heroics. That was what I did and I had no problem tanking the easier heroics.

If you never plan on raiding you can use 485 as a defense goal, since you will only ever be facing off against lvl 72 bosses. I never really aimed for any stats except stamina...the armor and avoidance will come naturally with the gear that is in the guides.

03-28-2008, 01:42 AM
In the vaguest terms 490 def, 11k hp and 12k armour, as squeeg says if you follow the pre-kara lists, and get to these numbers your dodge/parry/block should all be fine. I remember that my defense topped out about 520, before falling once in Kara. Some heroics are arguably harder than Kara, some easier.

As far as offensive/agro numbers, this is more tricky. I tanked the most of kara with a minor amount of hit (all from a green quest rep reward ring: wind-traders band) and no expertise (it didn't exist) - although it might be worth pointing out that I am now an agro-stat addict :) If you run heroics/kara with over geared dps/healers it might be worrh considering agro rings or neck but if not you're more likely to require all the "tank" numbers possible.

03-28-2008, 03:20 AM
I found having 13-14k hps made life much easier on healers, that was with a couple of KZ drops and getting the badge neck (stam/threat) quite early on. If you have followed the list and used some decent gems/enchants then you'd more than likely have stats nearer 12.5k hp & armour without having a hernia. If you can do Setthek & Ramparts the epix there will also be a cheap boost. It may also be worth your while doing dailies and farming rep/normal instances (Og shield, Shatar shield etc) when gearing up to actually do it
as the initial runs hurt, and its always possible a couple of hefty purchases of AH may make life easier.

I'd suggest you run instances that you enjoy as some heroics can appear to be un-neccessarily irritating, may just be me but most of the auchidoun ones I detest, whereas Botanica can be easily run with minimal CC, with only a couple of nasty pulls and drops a nice amount of badges.

One thing I'd actually look at is running KZ, even if (dare I say it) as a PUG. Bar a couple of bosses (NB/Prince for example) the rest can easily be done in 3 hours taking into account some 'eh what', as a decent group can easily clear/farm the whole place in sub 3 hours. 22 badges for 3 hours work, assuming the group isn't full of muppets beats an evening of heroics, especially with the liklihood of a couple of drops at least that would be of interest.

I actually did this at the weekend on my hunter for a giggle and it was actually a decent laugh, easy badges and I even hoovered up two epics for off-spec use. Given patch 2.4 binning attunement (and woes it entails), and if you have heals with you, then it may be worth a look. Just avoid people with more than a couple of greens at the very most as that will hit your wallet and patience hard.

03-28-2008, 07:07 AM
Thanks for the info guys. I kinda figured it fell in line with Kara as far as gear requrements.. hehe.

What I'm thinking if I should shoot for 13,000 health at least, 13,000+ armor, 490 defense.... and I'll just spec for parrying, block, and defense, and likely get the rep reward dodge enchants and the cape dodge enchant (No clue what that'll set my avoidance at). Would you guys say that's passable?

I know one think for sure, I'm really picky about weapons. So from PVP for sure I'm getting 40 EoTS tags, and just farming AV from there... To get at least my Shield, and sword. If I somewhat like doing AV after this I may go for things that require AV tags... Since I'm getting that shield I have a feeling reaching the armor requirements won't be a problem.

To Shorty: I am an aggro addict too. I came from playing another MMO where Defensive abilities were all that's needed, and gear didn't matter unless it gave you more threat. So the cocept of Making myself an awesome brick wall who has trouble convincing things to hit him sounds unattractive to me...

I'm trying to get my mentality to change, it has somewhat... but not completly. I believe a tank with the biggest threat threshold is more benificial for healers and DPS in the group.. Benificial to DPS because they don't have to hold back as much, which results in faster kills. And even if you take a little bit more damage, the damage is made up for by the fact that whatever you fight is dying a lot faster... If your enemy dies faster, you take less damage, thus helping healers.

Not talking anythng stupid... like wearing full DPS gear tanking, but I mean.. I believe in the law of diminishing returns. The more health you have, the less valuable + stamina is for example. If you have 15,000 health, and 10 hit rating... is that extra 12 stamina from a gem really gonna help you more than 8 hit rating? I doubt it... So if you have any ideals on what a tank should aim for to hold threat, I'm all ears. (I notice a lot of people's answer to this here is to basically blame the DPS for not holding back.. but I'd rather be tough on myself)

To Dunmail: Yeah I'll likely try to do a Kara PUG some weekend eventually, just to see what its like. Only thing I refuse is to work the game into my real like schedule and make it a priorty. The game feels more like a game when I don't "have" to be there. And.. that's a lot of tags for doing one run.. So it'd likely be worthwhile. lol