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03-27-2008, 11:31 AM
Shortly after patch 2.0.1 came out (on December 10, 2006, to be precise), I ran a few threat tests. Among other things, I found out that Thunder Clap had a 2.5 threat multiplier, not a static bonus, as initially thought (since it was available only in Battle Stance, that meant that one point of damage caused two points of threat). More interestingly, I found out something related about Whirlwind.

I was using the dog whistle from the Scarlet Monastery to summon a tracking hound as a testing partner (my guildies back then were not interested in that kind of geekery, alas, and I could only rarely convince anybody to help me). I had confirmed that one point of damage from the tracking hound equaled one point of threat.

So, I ran the following experiment: I switched to Berserker Stance, used Bloodrage, waited until it had run out, then I shot an ogre in the Badlands with a Crossbow (152 damage). I didn't have a shield equipped so as not to pollute the generated threat with Shield Specialization procs (same reason why I waited for Bloodrage to finish before the shot). After I had enough rage from being hit, without attacking, I whirlwinded once for 173 damage. I did not do any white attacks. The tracking hound pulled aggro off me after doing 332 damage, but not after doing 319 damage.

If Whirlwind were treated like normal damage, aggro should have been pulled after (152+173)*0.8*1.1 = 286 points of damage, but it wasn't. However, if Whirlwind had a 1.25 threat multiplier (one point of threat per point of damage), then aggro would have been pulled after a minumum of (152*0.8+173)*1.1 = 324.06 points of damage, consistent with my test.

Note that Kenco had tested a while earlier that Execute had a 1.25 threat multiplier as well.

In short, it appears that Whirlwind caused one point of threat per point of damage, and unless Blizzard decided to change it (I didn't retest it), that could still be the case. Among other things, that means that Whirlwind is a respectable AE threat generator, generating nearly as much threat as Improved Thunder Clap, at the cost of a higher cooldown and more rage, plus the opportunity cost associated with changing stances.